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Company News About What are the functions of 3-cyclohexylaminopropanesulfonic acid (CAPS)?

What are the functions of 3-cyclohexylaminopropanesulfonic acid (CAPS)?

What are the functions of 3-cyclohexylaminopropanesulfonic acid (CAPS)?

Caps, CAS: 1135-40-6. What we're familiar with is that it's one of the good's buffers. It is widely used in biochemical diagnostic kits, DNA / RNA extraction kits and PCR diagnostic kits. In addition to the applications we know, what other fields are we not familiar with?


In nucleic acid extraction, 3-cyclohexylaminopropane sulfonic acid (CAPS) and 3 - [(3-cholamidopropyl) dimethylammonium] - 1-propanesulfonate (chaps), 3 - (cyclohexylamino) - 2-hydroxy-1-propanesulfonate (capso), and 2 - (cyclohexylamino) ethanesulfonate (ches) were used to prepare the solution for nucleic acid hybridization, which could reduce the yield of non-specific hybridization products, improve the specificity of nucleic acid hybridization, and maintain the stability of nucleic acid hybridization The yield of the target hybrid product was determined. It has important value in the identification of specific pathogens, the diagnosis of genetic diseases and the analysis of gene sequences.


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Caps can also be used in a variety of environment-friendly high-quality waterborne two-component polyurethane coatings. Many coatings do not perform well in terms of drying, curing and chemical resistance, while caps performs well. It can be used as water-based isohydroester curing agent and can coexist with resins containing active groups (hydroxyl group, carboxyl group, amino group, epoxy group, etc.) for a long time at room temperature. This is one of the reasons why caps is more and more favored by the water-based coatings market.


In addition to the above uses, caps is also used to improve waterborne coatings, flux for welding materials, heat exchange carrier for air conditioning equipment, raw materials for lithium metal manufacturing process, pyrotechnics, dry batteries, etc.


In addition, caps is more suitable for transferring small molecular weight proteins to PVDF membrane or nitrocellulose membrane as Western blotting transfer buffer or transmembrane buffer; in addition, caps is also used as eluent in cation exchange chromatography, running buffer in capillary electrophoresis, enzyme determination buffer, etc.


Caps with such excellent performance has become a hot demand in the market, both in the field of Biochemistry and home decoration. The caps produced by Desheng company is reagent grade, with a purity of more than 99%. It can not only be used as buffer of in vitro diagnostic reagent, but also be well applied in coatings. Our products have good performance and many cooperative manufacturers. Thank you very much Everyone's trust in us, we will continue to unremittingly provide our customers with high quality products.