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Company News About What are the types of silicifying agents?

What are the types of silicifying agents?

What are the types of silicifying agents?

What are the types of silicifying agents?


    As a necessary reagent for the treatment of vacuum tubes, silicifying agent can make the inner wall of vacuum tubes smoother and help improve the working efficiency. Some people will pay special attention to its performance and type when purchasing, because the difference of performance and type represents the use effect, and also has a close relationship with the price of the product. However, some people are not clear about this and cannot obtain more accurate quotations. So in order to avoid some unnecessary losses, we will introduce the types of silicified agents to you in detail, so as to facilitate the later selection and use.


    1、 High-efficiency silicifying agent (oil silicon)


    The appearance of high-efficiency silicifying agent is colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, and its main component is high molecular organic silicon material, which can be dissolved in organic solvents such as ethanol and petroleum ether, and it will hydrolyze and become gelatinous in case of water. The operation steps of adding into the test tube after preparation are simple. A protective film can be formed on both the glass surface and the plastic surface to make the tube wall smooth and transparent. Other additives or blood are not easy to produce wall hanging phenomenon.


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oil silicon


    Moreover, compared with other silicified agents, because of the high efficiency of addition and more stable performance, the cost control is more strict, which may make the selling price more expensive than other silicified agents, which needs to be understood.


    2、 Water-soluble silicifying agent


    Water-soluble silicifying agent is different from oil silicon. Its appearance is colorless and odorless transparent liquid, and its composition is high molecular methyl polysiloxane copolymer. It has hydrolysis stability and can be dissolved in water, ethanol and alcohol-water systems. At the same time, it can play a very stable role in the water solution with content less than 5%. However, it should be noted that if the acidity or alkalinity is too large, it may reduce the stability.


    In addition, due to the use of non-ionic surfactants and silica powder in the process of use, it can not only ensure the activity of ingredients, but also effectively disperse blood and prevent hemolysis. Due to the low cost of control, the price is lower than that of silicone oil.


    Whether using oil silicon or water silicon, the most important thing is to select the reagents that meet your own experimental requirements, so as to help the test results more accurate without deviation. Desheng, as a manufacturer of silicified agents in China, sells the two silicified agents mentioned above, and is tested and controlled by professional R&D personnel to ensure smooth use without other adverse effects. If you have relevant requirements, please click the website for consultation!