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Company News About What are the types of vacuum blood collection gel?

What are the types of vacuum blood collection gel?

What are the types of vacuum blood collection gel?

What are the types of vacuum blood collection gel?


When talking about serum separating gel, many people first think of its application in the vacuum blood collection tube. As an additive, it can separate serum and blood cells, so as to obtain high-quality serum samples and ensure the stability in transportation and storage. However, because they are prepared from chemical materials, the types of separation gel produced from different materials are different. What are the specific types in the market? Here's a detailed introduction.


1、 Silicone rubber system separator


The main part is silicone rubber, which is the first type of separating gel to be put into the market in the early stage, and is also commonly known as the "first generation separating gel". Its production process is unstable, which is prone to overturn, and its thixotropy, viscosity and hydrolysis resistance are at an immature stage, so it will not be used at present.


2、 Acrylic acid system separator


Its composition is mainly polyacrylate. After the improvement of the previous generation, this separation adhesive is hydrophobic and does not absorb water. Its turnover performance and thixotropy have been improved, and it is popular in the market. In addition, it has strong stability in direct contact with blood in a vacuum test tube, will not be easily oxidized, and is widely used.


3、 Resin system separator


The composition is mainly straight chain alkane resin. This separating gel has been further improved. It has better physiological inertia, is not easy to age, and is radiation resistant. Even if it is sterilized in the test tube, it will not have an impact. At the same time, it is compatible with other reagents. Sometimes, it can work together with anticoagulants to obtain more accurate results. Compared with the first two types, the production cost of this separation gel is also higher, and it is usually used for export or enterprises with higher requirements for quality.


4、 PRP separator


PRP is high concentration platelet rich plasma, and the role of PRP gel separator is to use PRP centrifuge to quickly separate blood, obtain high-quality platelet rich plasma, and then inject it into the part needed by the human body, playing the role of beauty repair or skin regeneration. This PRP gel is hydrophobic material, which can be separated and extracted in the original state of blood. Compared with traditional extraction methods, PRP gel not only simplifies the extraction process, but also improves the efficiency.


Desheng Biochemical is a professional manufacturer of serum separating adhesives in China. Its main types are resin type separating adhesives, acrylic acid system separating adhesives and PRP separating adhesives. Its performance is stable, its specific gravity is accurate, it is not easy to cause aging and turnover, and it has the function of anti irradiation, which can be effectively used in various blood tests. If you have relevant needs, please click the website for consultation!