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Company News About What are the Usage and Precautions of ACD Solution in PRP Tube?

What are the Usage and Precautions of ACD Solution in PRP Tube?

What are the Usage and Precautions of ACD Solution in PRP Tube?

In recent years, blood protection has become an important research hotspot. How to store the collected blood for a long time and how to reduce the infection during the blood collection process are all essential hot topics. The most important thing is to protect the red blood cells in the blood.


After the continuous development of medicine, vacuum blood collection tubes and various additives suitable for adding into test tubes have been developed, such as heparin series anticoagulants, EDTA and ACD solutions, which are not only convenient and fast, but also greatly improve the safety and accuracy.Next, I will introduce the ACD solution in the PRP tube in detail.


Composition and working principle of ACD solution

In fact, ACD solution is mainly composed of citric acid, sodium citrate and glucose. It is an anticoagulant commonly used in blood collection and blood storage. Because the main component citrate ion and Ca2+ form a complex that is difficult to dissociate, but soluble in water. It blocks the activation of factor X in the coagulation pathway, inhibits the formation of coagulation factors, thrombin and fibrin, and inactive the thrombin to prevent the blood coagulant.


Advantages of ACD Solutions

The advantage of ACD solution is that the collected blood sample is fully anticoagulated inside the test tube, and it is not used directly in the body. And from the perspective of ingredients, citric acid and sodium citrate can form a buffer pair, which can relieve and adjust the pH value of the solution, and glucose can provide an energy source, which is conducive to the preservation of red blood cells.


Amount of ACD solution should be used

For blood bank storage, 0.025 liter of ACD solution can be added to every 0.1 liter of blood, and it can be stored for about 3 weeks,but not longer than 28 days. 14ml of blood preservation solution was added to every 100ml of whole blood.


Precautions for ACD Solutions

It is not advisable to input excessive ACD solution or add it too fast, because if the sodium citrate in the component is input too much and there is no time for oxidation, it will complex with the free calcium ions in the plasma to generate sodium calcium citrate that is difficult to dissociate. Hypocalcemic convulsions occur when banked blood is transfused into humans. In addition, the transfusion of banked blood into newborn infants will also cause hypocalcemia due to underdevelopment of the enzyme system during blood transfusion. It should be noted that 10% calcium gluconate should be injected intravenously during the transfusion of 1000 ml of blood.


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