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What are the uses of carbopol 940?

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China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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What are the uses of carbopol 940?

The appearance of carbopol 940 is white loose powder with characteristic slight odor and strong hygroscopicity. Also known as Carbo 940, it is an acrylic cross-linked resin obtained by cross-linking pentaerythritol and acrylic acid. Carbo resin exists in water in an acidic form, and swells easily in water and polar organic solvents (such as ethanol, glycerin, etc.).


Carbopol 940 contains polyalkenyl polyether crosslinked acrylic polymers, which contain 56%-68% carboxylic acid groups in the molecule, making these resins weakly acidic, although weaker than acetic acid, it is easy to interact with inorganic bases and organic bases The reaction produces salts. Due to its swelling and weak acidity, it is a very important rheology modifier. The neutralized carbomer resin is an excellent gel matrix, with important properties such as thickening and suspension, due to the simple process and good stability. The advantages are widely used in lotions, creams, gels.


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Application of carbopol 940 in skin gel:

Allantoin gel prepared with 1.5% carbomer 940 is used to treat dry skin, psoriasis and other skin diseases. Clinical results show that the gel has good compatibility with the skin, lasting effect and no greasy rubbing on the skin Feeling bored. The erythromycin gel prepared with 1% carbomer 940 was used to treat acne. The results showed that the number of acne and the diameter of the base were significantly reduced. The gel for ultrasound diagnosis developed with carbopol 940 as the main matrix has the advantages of non-irritating to human skin, not damaging the probe, non-staining clothing, spreading lubrication, suitable viscosity and stable preparation. It has been proven by clinical use. The quality index achieves the predetermined effect. In addition, ketoprofen preparations were prepared with 4 different bases, and the drug was found to be released fastest from the carbomer gel, and the release rate was in the order of carbomer gel>hydrophilic ointment>cold cream>white petrolatum , Suggesting that carbomer has a certain role in promoting the transdermal absorption of drugs.


Application of carbopol 940 in pharmacy:

The application of carbopol 940 in pharmaceuticals is mainly manifested in the application of gels. It is used in various oral gels and dental gels. It can be developed into a compound gel preparation with suitable consistency, no greasy feel, and easy to apply. , The preparation is used for the treatment of periodontitis, gingivitis, oral mucosal ulcers, the effect is relatively fast, the effect can be maintained for a long time. Carbomer 940 gel matrix has good film forming and adhesion. Adding protein coagulant containing formaldehyde, thymol and other desensitizing drugs to the gel matrix can prolong the residence time of the drug in the teeth. Desensitization effect is enhanced.


Desheng is located in the United Technology City, Gedian Development Zone, Ezhou City, Hubei Province. It is specialized in the research, development, production and sales of blood collection tube additives, biological buffers and luminescent substrates. Provide products and raw materials solutions for more than 100 domestic and foreign manufacturers. The Carbomer 940 developed and produced has good looseness, high transparency and no impurities. If you have product requirements or knowledge, please email to consult.

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