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Company News About what causes serum to gel

what causes serum to gel

what causes serum to gel

what causes serum to gel


    In the daily blood testing work of hospitals, yellow test tubes containing serum separation gel are often used to collect blood samples, because the serum separation gel in the test tubes can quickly separate blood clots from serum, thereby obtaining high-quality serum samples for testing and analysis. However, during the operation process, serum coagulation still occurs. What is the reason for this? Many people suspect that it is due to serum separation gel, but is it related to it? Below is a specific analysis for everyone.


    There are generally three reasons why serum coagulation occurs when using serum separation hoses:


    1、 Sample placement time is too short


    In fact, the coagulation process is relatively complex. When blood leaves the body, it coagulates because its coagulation factors are activated to convert into thrombin, which catalyzes the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin. If the separation rubber tube is placed for too short a time, and the blood sample is not completely coagulated before being centrifuged, the blood cell components will be forced to leave the fibrin network during the operation process. In addition, the specific gravity of the serum separation rubber is small, and once the external force disappears, fibrinogen will remain in the serum layer, leading to coagulation.


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Serum separating gel


    2、 The patient used anticoagulant drugs


    Many people suffer from diseases, and medical personnel will inject them with drugs such as baimei snake venom hemagglutinin and human prothrombin complex to promote blood coagulation. If blood samples are collected when drugs are used excessively or improperly, and the blood contains such anticoagulant drugs, even if they are separated, the serum will still contain residual anticoagulant components, which can lead to coagulation of the serum.


    3、 Patient Disease Impact


    Another reason for blood coagulation is due to abnormalities in the patient's own platelets. Blood is collected using a separation hose and separated. However, due to disease reasons, platelets can release many vasoactive substances that promote blood coagulation. This can also interfere with the blood serum under normal circumstances, resulting in blood containing clotting substances, which can promote blood coagulation.


    In clinical blood diagnosis and analysis, the phenomenon of serum coagulation greatly affects the overall detection efficiency and delays. Understanding the causes can better help everyone avoid such problems.


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