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Company News About What Does Heparin Sodium Affect Blood?

What Does Heparin Sodium Affect Blood?

What Does Heparin Sodium Affect Blood?

Heparin sodium, as a commonly used additive in blood collection tubes, has the main feature of preventing coagulation after blood collection. Because of this, its status has gradually become "noble" in the field of medical testing. In addition, it can also be used as a drug for the prevention and treatment of thrombotic diseases, such as: cerebrovascular thrombosis, which can effectively avoid the formation and expansion of thrombus. From its anticoagulation function, it can be known that it is almost closely related to blood, so how does it affect blood and thus play a role?

As an in vitro anticoagulant and anticoagulant drug, it mainly has a great interference effect on the blood coagulation process, and its effects are mainly in the following aspects:

1. First, control the composition of thrombin at the source, so that prothrombin is blocked, and the source of blood coagulation is blocked, so it can no longer promote the formation of thrombin.

2. When it is in a higher concentration, heparin will inhibit the effect of other coagulation factors of the same type, and promote the change of fibrinogen to fibrin.

3. When the above links are affected, the platelets can be prevented from aggregating and causing damage, and the coagulation function of the blood will fail, so naturally there will be no coagulation phenomenon, which is also the purpose to be achieved in the detection.

Since the types of heparin sodium on the market are divided into crude heparin sodium and high-quality heparin sodium, as an additive in test tubes, it is necessary to ensure pure appearance, refined and purified high-quality heparin sodium, and the key index data can only be selected if it meets the standards. And in order to achieve a more ideal anticoagulant effect during use, the conventional dosage is 1mL of blood corresponding to 20IU of heparin sodium, remember not to use too much or add it in violation of regulations.

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