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What inspection items can PCR technology be used for

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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What inspection items can PCR technology be used for
Latest company news about What inspection items can PCR technology be used for

Real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR technology is a leap forward in DNA quantitative technology. It is used to amplify specific DNA fragments, which can be regarded as special DNA replication in vitro. Through the DNA gene tracking system, the virus content in the patient's body can be quickly grasped with an accuracy of nanometer level. The real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR is the carrier to realize this technology.


The PCR laboratory is actually extremely powerful. Qualitative analysis and quantitative detection are its two biggest application directions. In addition to the new crown nucleic acid detection, what else can our "universal" PCR laboratory do? Next, I will show you a few examples of projects with specific application directions, and hope that these examples can provide medical systems at all levels with ideas and directions for project development.

latest company news about What inspection items can PCR technology be used for  0


(1) Pathogen determination

The advent of PCR technology enables rapid and convenient pathogen detection. Because the false positive rate of PCR technology is too high, a positive result can be obtained as long as there is a small amount of pathogens, which cannot be used as a diagnostic basis, and it has clinical significance only when a certain number of pathogens exist. Therefore, it is particularly important to accurately quantify the template, and the results can be obtained quickly and accurately by using fluorescent technology PCR. PCR can be used to solve the "window period" of immunological testing, determine whether the disease is in a recessive or subclinical state, and when antibody testing cannot determine whether it is a current infection or a past infection.


(2) Genetic disease detection

Gene mutation and copy number variation are the main genetic basis of genetic disease and the main target of genetic disease detection. The complexity of genetic diseases is accompanied by a large number and wide types of gene mutations; gene copy number variation is not only manifested as deletions and duplications, but also the position, size and replication multiples of the deletions are diverse. The complexity of genetic variation poses a technical challenge for the clinical detection of genetic diseases. Real-time PCR technology is a new generation of real-time PCR technology that we have recently developed. Using fluorescent labeling or melting point analysis, multiple targets can be detected in a single reaction tube.


(3) Personalized medication

The development of pharmacology and pharmacogenomics has clarified the genetic nature of individual differences in drug metabolism and effects. Abnormal drug reactions are mainly caused by mutations in drug metabolizing enzyme genes that lead to abnormal enzyme activity, which in turn leads to the failure of normal metabolism of drugs in the body after taking the drug. Elimination and excretion from the body make the drug concentration in the body too high or too low, and the ideal therapeutic effect cannot be achieved. This kind of abnormal drug reaction can be used to detect genetic genes related to the drugs taken by the patient, adjust the drug dosage or search for alternative drugs, to maximize the formulation of a more reasonable, effective and economical drug treatment plan.

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