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Company News About What is carbomer gel?

What is carbomer gel?

What is carbomer gel?

Most people knows the key role of carbomer in daily used cosmetics. It is an important ingredient that has good performance and can produce high viscosity in a small amount. Only need about 0.2% of carbomer to the skin care product lotion we usually use,a good thickening effect will be taken. But if it is used in gel cream, the amount will be relatively increased to achieve a good thickening effect.


What exactly is carbomer made of, and why does it have such a good thickening effect? In appearance, it is a white loose powder with strong hygroscopic properties,composed of a copolymer of polyalkylsucrose or polyalkylpentaerythritol and acrylic acid cross-linked polymer (acrylic acid or acrylate).


In the case of a dry powder, the carbon chain of the acrylic molecule is relatively tightly packed. Once dissolved in water, its molecules will slowly disperse and form hydrated molecules with water molecules. At this time, the closely connected carbon chains will disperse, resulting in high viscosity. The larger the hydrated molecules are, the greater the viscosity.


However, water cannot fully expand the molecule, and some neutralizing agents are needed to achieve a good expansion state, such as sodium hydroxide or green amine. If the carbomer is not dissolved in water, but is dissolved in a polyhydric alcohol or a polyethyl solvent, the hydrogen bond between the carbomer molecule and the solvent can be generated without adding any other neutralizing agent, resulting in a strong thickening and suspending properties.


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