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Company News About what is heparin sodium used for

what is heparin sodium used for

what is heparin sodium used for

what is heparin sodium used for


    When conducting blood sampling tests in hospitals, test tubes containing heparin sodium are often used. Due to their anticoagulant properties, blood samples can be specially processed, and can provide effective reference value for disease diagnosis and pathological analysis. Therefore, they are often used in routine biochemical testing projects. Insiders can tell at a glance what heparin sodium is used for, but laypeople may not have a deep understanding of it. Therefore, let me give you a specific scientific popularization of what heparin sodium is used for?


    The principle of heparin sodium


    In fact, to know exactly what it is used for, one must know its mechanism of action from the source. Due to its unique properties, it can fundamentally inhibit the activity of coagulation factors by binding to them, thereby inhibiting the formation of thrombin, prolonging the process of transforming soluble fibrinogen into insoluble fibrinogen, and fully inhibiting platelet aggregation to achieve anticoagulant effects.


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Bottled heparin sodium


    The effect of heparin sodium


    According to the wide range of application fields, it can be classified and applied in various aspects:


    1. Blood collection anticoagulant


    Based on its mechanism, it can be known that it has the effect of preventing blood clotting, and because it is of analytical purity, it is often added to blood collection vessels to have an anticoagulant effect on blood samples. Due to its good anticoagulant effect and effective guarantee of the stability of serum and plasma components, it has been highly valued in clinical practice, so its appearance is mostly in the form of blood collection additives.


    2. Medicinal heparin sodium


    This is also used in drugs based on the principle of anticoagulation, but its production requirements are very strict, and there are few manufacturers that can meet the standards. Generally, it is made into drugs that can effectively prevent large coagulation diseases such as thrombosis and myocardial infarction by taking or injecting them into the human body. At the same time, it can also be used as a drug for hemodialysis or thrombolytic therapy to reduce the possibility of complications.


    3. Daily chemical heparin sodium


    It is mainly used in cosmetics or skin care products, such as nutrition cream, eye cream, acne removal and other products, which can significantly improve the Vascular permeability of the skin, while improving the blood circulation of the skin, improving local circulation, ensuring that the skin can obtain nutrients and promote the excretion of metabolites.


    According to the properties of heparin sodium, it can be added to blood vessels, made into drugs, or added to cosmetics. It has many uses, so the quality requirements for heparin sodium raw materials are very strict. As a manufacturer of heparin sodium raw materials, Desheng can provide analytical grade heparin sodium for anticoagulant use in blood collection. If you have any needs, please click on the website to inquire and purchase!