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Company News About what is lithium heparin used for

what is lithium heparin used for

what is lithium heparin used for

Heparin lithium, as an anticoagulant, has a wide range of applications. Due to its natural anticoagulant properties, it plays an important role in blood sample collection and anticoagulation processes in clinical biochemical and emergency biochemical examinations. Since it is used as an anticoagulant reagent, it must also be very useful in the medical field. Let's take a specific look together.


1、 Clinical Biochemical Examination


Clinical biochemical tests include common blood tests, such as detecting ion content, liver function, kidney function, and blood lipid levels in the blood. The function of heparin lithium as an anticoagulant is to prevent premature coagulation of blood after collection, thereby ensuring the stability of blood samples. In these tests, accurate results are a prerequisite for disease diagnosis and treatment.


2、 Hemorheology project


Heparin lithium is not only used for general biochemical tests, but also widely used in hemorheology projects. Hemorheology mainly studies the flow properties of blood in blood vessels, which involves key indicators such as blood viscosity and cohesion. The addition of heparin lithium in these items can effectively prevent blood clotting and ensure measurement accuracy.


3、 Determination of blood ion content


In clinical testing, measuring the ion content in the blood is a common operation, such as measuring the concentration of calcium, potassium, and sodium plasma. Heparin lithium is recommended as an anticoagulant mainly because it has minimal interference with the determination of other ion concentrations, ensuring the accuracy of ion concentration measurement and providing important information for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.


4、 Fast and stable


Heparin lithium quickly plays a role in blood sample collection, ensuring that the blood does not coagulate after collection, maintaining a stable state of the sample before further testing. This is particularly important for medical staff, especially in emergency biochemical tests where time is crucial.


5、 Precautions for use


Although heparin lithium has extensive applications in multiple fields, some precautions need to be followed when using it. Firstly, heparin lithium is not a drug and cannot be used as an injection. Direct injection into humans and animals is prohibited. Secondly, the anticoagulant effect of heparin lithium is reversible, so the collection and testing of blood samples need to be completed within the specified time, usually within 6 hours. Outdated samples may lead to errors in the test results.


The quality of heparin lithium raw material is crucial when used in blood collection. Unqualified heparin lithium may affect the results of later testing. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to choosing reliable suppliers and manufacturers to obtain high-quality heparin lithium. Here we recommend Hubei Xindesheng, which can supply raw material powder with high main content and low impurities, for use by blood collection manufacturers. After repeated testing, it has high stability. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us for purchase!