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Company News About what is serum gel blood test for

what is serum gel blood test for

what is serum gel blood test for

what is serum gel blood test for


    As an indispensable reagent in clinical medical detection, serum gel can isolate serum and blood clot during blood test due to its stable performance, which generally appears in biochemical indicators, immunological tests, coagulation mechanism and other detection and analysis. Due to its convenient use in blood testing, simple and fast processing steps, and the ability to obtain high-quality serum samples, it has become one of the reagents that hospitals are passionate about using. Although serum gel has obvious advantages, many people still do not know what serum gel blood test is? In fact, to understand what serum gel blood test is, you need to first understand the relevant knowledge of serum gel. You can focus on the following three points:


    1、 Key performance of serum gel


     The key performance of serum gel is its specific gravity, viscosity and physiological inertia. The specific gravity determines whether it can turn over during the processing of blood samples to separate serum from blood clots. And viscosity represents whether it is convenient to add to the test tube and whether it will be affected by temperature during transportation. Physiological inertness represents whether it will interfere with blood components and whether its stability is strong enough. Based on these important properties, the addition of serum gel into the test tube will not affect the blood test, which is also an aspect that everyone must pay attention to when selecting serum gel.


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Serum separation


    2、 Dose of serum gel added to test tube


    In terms of the dosage, the judgment standard is very intuitive. No matter what kind of blood collection tube is and what its diameter is, after the injection of serum gel, the thickness of gel should always be greater than or equal to 6mm. If this thickness is not reached, the isolation effect between serum and blood clot is likely to be poor. Even if the isolation can be achieved, the medical staff will not be able to distinguish whether there is serum gel in the test tube because of the insufficient amount of separation gel. However, sometimes it will be adjusted according to the actual situation. For example, 0.8g of serum gel will be used for test tubes with diameter ¢ 13, and 1g of gel will be used for test tubes with diameter ¢ 16, and then observe whether it reaches 6mm according to the added amount.


   3、 Blood test with serum gel tube


    As the detection object in clinical biochemical items, serum samples are tested with serum gel. In fact, gel is not directly used to complete blood detection, but only used as a blood processing reagent. Through special performance, blood samples are separated and high-quality serum or plasma samples are obtained before testing, which is an important step in the blood testing process. At the same time, because the treatment, analysis and preservation of blood samples are completed in one tube of serum gel, cross infection is directly avoided during blood test.


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