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Company News About what is serum separation

what is serum separation

what is serum separation

what is serum separation


    As a key link in clinical blood testing, the main purpose of serum separation is to obtain high-quality serum samples for testing. Because the isolated serum does not contain fibrinogen, it can provide nutrition and an environment suitable for cell survival in the human body. Through its detection, it can clearly understand whether patients have hidden diseases, facilitating medical personnel to carry out treatment and prevention work. So what is serum separation? How to obtain high-quality serum samples? Next, I will give you a specific introduction.


    1、 What is serum separation?


    In blood testing, serum and plasma as a whole are collectively referred to as "blood samples". However, during the analysis and testing process, traditional Chinese medical personnel do not directly operate with blood samples. First, they separate the serum from plasma in the blood, and only extract serum as a sample for testing. Especially in serological testing, serum separation is an essential operational step.


    2、 Why choose a serum sample for testing?


    In fact, the two main components contained in blood are serum and plasma. The difference between them is that serum does not contain fibrinogen, while plasma contains this substance. When testing and storing in vitro, the fibrinogen contained in it can change for various reasons, such as temperature or the addition of calcium ions. In this case, the plasma may form a gelatinous state, which is not conducive to experiments. Therefore, using serum for testing is the best option.


    3、 Use of serum separating gel


    The operation of serum separation is mostly carried out in the yellow tube of serum separation gel, because it contains a substance called separation gel. Relying on its stable performance, good thixotropy, and accurate specific gravity, it can ensure that the blood in the tube does not change, and can quickly complete serum separation, prevent material exchange between serum and blood clots, which is conducive to the stability of the test.


    4、 Methods of serum separation


    There are generally two methods for serum separation, namely, natural sedimentation and centrifugation. The natural sedimentation method is to place the collected blood test tube under normal temperature for a period of time, and after the blood naturally coagulates, the serum can be separated out. Although it is a common method, it takes a long time, which is not conducive to improving the detection efficiency. The centrifugation method is closely related to the serum separation gel. With the cooperation of the serum separation gel and the centrifuge, the reversal is realized based on the different specific gravity of the serum in the blood, plasma, and separation gel, which can quickly separate the serum and complete the detection.


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