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Company News About what is serum separator gel made of

what is serum separator gel made of

what is serum separator gel made of

what is serum separator gel made of


    As a chemically inert polymer, the serum separation gel exists in the form of a viscous colloid, with a key specific gravity between 1.045-1.065g/cm3, just between the serum and the blood clot. Then, through centrifugation, it can be flipped to the center of the blood collection vessel, completely separating the serum and blood clots, thereby quickly and efficiently extracting the serum sample. However, there are many types of separated gel on the market, and the composition and production of each type are different. What is it made of? Below is a detailed introduction for everyone.


    1、 Polysiloxane separation gel


    This type of separation gel is mainly made of SiO ₂, polysiloxane, diluent and other additives. Among them, polysiloxane is the key, occupying a content between 80% -90%, with SiO2 added at around 10% -15%, and diluents and other additives at around 2%. Although this kind of separation gel is sold on the market, hemolysis often occurs in experiments due to unstable performance, and there are not many users in general.


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Serum separating gel


    2、 Acrylate separation gel


    It is mainly made of fumed silica, polyacrylate, and additives, with polyacrylate as the main content, accounting for about 96%, fumed silica is about 3%, and other additives are about 1%. Compared with the preparation of the first separation gel, the performance of this acrylic acid separation gel has been further improved. Because it contains acrylate, it will not appear water absorption and swelling, and has good wire drawing property. This is a separation gel that is widely used in the market, and also a product widely selected by the public.


    3、 Resin separation gel


    This is a new generation of research and development product, mainly made of straight chain alkane resin. Compared with the first two, it has stronger physiological inertness, not only resistance to hydrolysis and irradiation, but also improved reagent compatibility. Since the raw material price of straight chain alkane resin is high and the production cost is high, the price is slightly more expensive than other types of separation gel, which is generally suitable for high specification blood collection experiments, such as PRP tubes in the medical and aesthetic field.


    The types of serum separation gel are different, and their manufacture is also different. When using, we must choose products with high cost performance and reliable quality according to the experimental requirements. As a manufacturer specializing in the production of serum separation gel, Desheng Biochemical has developed in China for 18 years. It is equipped with a senior research and development team. The separation gel has high production efficiency and sufficient stock. Because it is delivered directly by the manufacturer, the price is favorable. If you are interested, please click on the website to inquire and purchase!