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Company News About What is the appearance performance of EDTA tripotassium?

What is the appearance performance of EDTA tripotassium?

What is the appearance performance of EDTA tripotassium?

What is the appearance performance of EDTA tripotassium?


With the development of medicine, EDTA tri potassium has been widely used in medical institutions in various countries. Many people do not know why it is so hot and popular? In fact, this is mainly related to the performance of EDTA trisotassium. Here is a detailed introduction.


EDTA tri potassium, also known as ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid tri potassium, CAS No. 65501-24-8, is widely added to blood collection tube as an anticoagulant. Its principle of action is that EDTA can be close to calcium ions in the blood, complex with calcium ions, inactivate prothrombin and prevent blood coagulation. The biochemical indicators of blood samples after anticoagulation treatment are closer to the physiological level, which is conducive to the accuracy of detection results and prolonging the storage time of blood samples.


Appearance of EDTA tri potassium


The appearance of EDTA tri potassium is white crystalline powder, no odor, soluble in water, because its powder is easy to absorb moisture from air and water molecules.


Performance of EDTA tripotassium


1. The molecular weight is 442.56, the pH value is 7.3 ± 1 in 5% aqueous solution, the solubility in water is ≥ 60% at 25 ℃, and it is stable at room temperature.


2. The purity is more than 99%, without any impurities. After the powder is dissolved, the water has high clarity, which is easy to add to the blood collection tube without any other adverse effects.


3. EDTA tri potassium does not damage blood cells, does not interfere with the white blood cell count, and prevents platelet aggregation, so it can be applied to general hematological examination. However, it should be noted that due to its anticoagulant effect, it is not applicable to the blood coagulation test. In addition, the ability to complexe calcium ions is also not applicable to the determination of calcium ions, sodium ions, iron ions, etc.


Nowadays, medicine has developed to the era of full automation, and the demand for EDTA tri potassium will become larger and larger. Many businesses in the market have also seized the opportunity and started to sell it on a large scale, which not only leads to the uneven quality of EDTA tri potassium, but also brings pressure to real powerful manufacturers.


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