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Company News About What is the Functional of Serum Separation Gel?

What is the Functional of Serum Separation Gel?

What is the Functional of Serum Separation Gel?

In the early days, when serum separation gels were not fully developed, people generally used specific gravity particles or directly waited for a certain period of time to separate serum and blood clots naturally before testing. This is not only inefficient, but the final test results may not be accurate. In 1990, my country began to introduce blood collection tube additive technology. Although the effect was not ideal, serum separation gel was born and laid the foundation for subsequent development.


It seems that the serum separation gel is a very small plate, but it not only effectively saves time and improves efficiency in the entire blood collection tube, but also ensures the accuracy of blood sample collection.


Serum Separation Gel Parameters:

Product Name Serum Separation Gel
Place of Origin Made in China
Brand Desheng
Specification 20kg/drum、25kg/drum
Appearance Transparent colloid,no visible impurities
Characteristic Physiological Inertia,water-insoluble
Gravity 1.045-1.065g/cm3
Volatile ≤1.5%


Functional of serum separation gel

Serum separation gel is mainly used in vacuum blood collection tube reagents to form a separation layer between blood cell components and serum, preventing their interaction, ensuring the originality of blood samples within a sufficient time, and making the test results more accurate. With the development of medicine, nowadays, serum separation gel is not limited to the separation of serum and plasma, but can be used in skin grafting, treatment, cosmetic surgery, etc.


Various products in the field of serum separation gel

Common serum separation gel raw materials are used in tubes, such as PRP, PCT, SST, PST tubes, and EDTA tubes. What is the role of these serum separation gels in the tube? Let me introduce it to you in detail.

1. PRP tube

It mainly extracts the rich platelets by the precise specific gravity of serum separation gel, and then injects the rich platelets into the parts of the human body that are needed to achieve the effect of cosmetic repair, regeneration or treatment.

2. PCT tube

The PCT tube is a vacuum mononuclear cell preparation tube, which separates lymphocyte and mononuclear cells in the blood by separating the different specific gravity of the gel, and is used in clinical medical detection.

3. SST tube

Separating gel is used to extract high-quality serum, which provides convenience for serum biochemistry, immunology and drug detection.

4. PST tube

The separation gel in the PST tube is mainly used to separate blood cells, serum and plasma, to increase the yield and ensure the stability of the plasma composition.


The above four kinds of preparation tubes use more serum separation gels, but many serum separation gels cannot meet the requirements due to their poor hydrolysis resistance. You should choose serum separation gels with good hydrolysis resistance, strong stability, and radiation resistance that does not change its performance. The serum separation gels produced by Desheng are in line with these key indicators and are well recognized by the majority of customer groups. If you have relevant requirements for blood collection tube additives, you can click on the official website to consult the details.