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Company News About What is the reason of inactivation of Virus Transport Media?

What is the reason of inactivation of Virus Transport Media?

What is the reason of inactivation of Virus Transport Media?

Under the influence of the epidemic, a large number of Virus Transport Media also appeared in the public view. But our understanding of it is only limited to know that it is collecting virus for detection, but what is its own ability? Why is it also called inactivated Virus Transport Media? We can only understand according to the literal meaning, that is to kill the live virus and do research after preservation. But is it really that simple? It's just the idea of a lot of people who don't understand. First, let's see why it's called inactivation?


What is inactivation? Inactivation is a method of killing viruses and bacteria by physical or chemical means without damaging their useful antigens.


Inactivated Virus Transport Media: it is a colorless transparent liquid, suitable for viruses, New Coronavirus, influenza, avian influenza, hand foot and mouth urticaria and other viruses. It destroys the structure of virus protein, and the protein has no physiological activity, so it loses the ability of infection, pathogenicity and reproduction. However, conventional inactivation does not affect the primary structure of virus protein, which means that the sequence of virus protein has not changed.


The inactivated samples can be matched with the corresponding New Coronavirus RNA extraction kit, M32/M96 nucleic acid extractor and other rapid extraction of virus nucleic acid, and New Coronavirus PCR detection kit to achieve rapid detection, specificity sensitivity is not affected. Applicable kit methods: fluorescent PCR, combined probe anchored polymerization sequencing, isothermal amplification chip, magnetic particle chemiluminescence, colloidal gold.


So the inactivated virus has antigenicity, but loses infectivity. This is actually how many vaccines are made.


The inactivated virus lost its infective activity, but still had fusion activity. It is an inducer for cell fusion in animal cell engineering.

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Inactivated Virus Transport Media has the following advantages:

1. Inactivate the virus to avoid cross infection of centralized sampling

2. Inactivate the virus and reduce the difficulty of preservation and transportation

3. The samples lose their infectivity and protect the testing personnel

4. It is widely used in PCR laboratory


In addition to the above inactivated Virus Transport Media, Desheng company also developed and produced non inactivated Virus Transport Media, which contains Hanks solution base, gentamicin, fungal antibiotics, BSA (V), cryoprotectants, biological buffers and amino acids. Non inactivated Virus Transport Media is usually used for the collection and transportation of clinical influenza, avian influenza (such as h7n9), hand foot mouth disease, measles and other virus samples, as well as Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, chlamydia and other samples.