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Company News About What is the relationship between nucleic acid detection and TRIS and EDTA?

What is the relationship between nucleic acid detection and TRIS and EDTA?

What is the relationship between nucleic acid detection and TRIS and EDTA?

At present, the new crown virus has swept the world and has caused serious impacts on human daily life. Nucleic acid detection is a detection method for the new coronavirus. In the specific process of nucleic acid detection, nucleic acid extraction is a very critical link. According to public reports, reagents such as TRIS and EDTA play an important role in nucleic acid extraction.


Nucleic acid is a biological macromolecular compound formed by the polymerization of many nucleotides, including deoxyribonucleic acid and ribonucleic acid. It is one of the most basic substances of life. Nucleic acid extraction refers to the process of separating nucleic acids from samples using physical and chemical methods. It is the prerequisite technology for a series of molecular biological analysis such as nucleic acid amplification, DNA fragment connection, vector construction, and high-throughput sequencing. It is a life science It is a very important technology in research, biological timely application and genetic diagnosis. Therefore, the extraction of nucleic acid is of great significance.


Generally speaking, nucleic acid extraction is a multi-step work. First, biological sample materials such as cells and tissue materials need to be crushed to inactivate nuclease and release nucleic acid. The role of TRIS, EDTA and other reagents is mainly reflected in the release of nucleic acid. .


Nucleic acids are easily hydrolyzed in acidic solutions and are more stable in neutral or weakly alkaline solutions. And TRIS is Tris, pH buffer range: 7.0-9.0, can maintain the stability of the nucleic acid released after the lysis of the sample to be extracted, to avoid the degradation of the nucleic acid, and improve the concentration and purity of the nucleic acid.


EDTA is ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, which can combine with metal ions such as Mg2+, Ca2+, Mn2+, Fe2+, and can prevent metal ions from activating proteases, thereby reducing the impact of metal ions on nucleic acid quality.


In summary, TRIS, EDTA and other reagents can fully and effectively lyse cells during the nucleic acid extraction process, so that the nucleic acid in the cell can be fully released, and a higher concentration of nucleic acid can be obtained, which is beneficial to improve the quality of nucleic acid and ensure the accuracy of subsequent operations. .


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