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Company News About What is the role of anticoagulant reagents in the field of new crown detection

What is the role of anticoagulant reagents in the field of new crown detection

What is the role of anticoagulant reagents in the field of new crown detection

The continuous spread of the global epidemic has made the world panic. How to quickly and effectively isolate the high-risk positive populations and prevent the further spread of the epidemic has become a top priority. Anticoagulants commonly used in coagulation testing include EDTA, sodium heparin, lithium heparin, and sodium citrate. As a general routine detection method for new crown detection, the detection accuracy is higher than other methods, and the detection range is wider, especially for The advantages of screening for asymptomatic patients are very obvious. Although coagulation abnormalities have not been reported to cause infection, they will affect the accuracy and timeliness of coagulation test results.



Our comprehensive coagulation measurement product portfolio can help doctors make reasonable diagnosis and treatment decisions. In order to quickly, accurately identify and treat abnormalities in coagulation, we have increased the production of important coagulation reagents. Coagulation tests play an important role in the diagnosis, treatment and management of coagulation abnormalities in patients with new coronary disease. We have changed our production model to ensure increased reagent production, while also taking appropriate safety measures to help protect our workers from exposure to the new crown. We will continue these efforts to ensure that we can provide high-quality testing methods to meet the growing testing needs.



The new coronavirus is currently found to be related to an unprecedented blood coagulation-related disease in affected patients. From benign skin lesions on the feet to life-threatening thrombotic events, the new coronavirus has shown a high incidence of bleeding clots. Approximately 22% of new crown patients with coagulation abnormalities evolved into serious diseases. Depending on the severity of the patient's disease condition, anticoagulation treatment and monitoring recommendations may vary.



Some leading coagulation experts recommend the use of LMWH4 or UFH6 for therapeutic anticoagulation in patients with severe new coronary disease, and even recommend preventive anticoagulation for all hospitalized patients. The determination of antithrombin levels may be helpful because antithrombin can affect the therapeutic effect of heparin and may decrease in patients with new coronary disease.



As a leading technology company for blood collection tubes, biological buffers, and virus preservation solutions, Desheng Biotech is committed to the development and production of blood collection tube preparations, and indirectly provides accurate diagnostic services for medical testing. And all these changes are realized through continuous optimization of blood collection tube preparations. It is estimated that 500,000 patients across the country benefit from our diagnostic reagents every day. Including serum separation, coagulant and anticoagulant. Provide accurate and rapid diagnosis results, transform medical services and improve patient experience, thereby enhancing industry value.