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Company News About What is the role of common different vacuum blood collection tubes

What is the role of common different vacuum blood collection tubes

What is the role of common different vacuum blood collection tubes

Foreign vacuum blood collection tubes were used during World War II as early as the 1930s, while my country is relatively backward. From the early 1990s, a very small number of companies began to develop and produce vacuum blood collection tubes. Subject to raw materials and technology, the development was relatively slow. . After more than ten years of development, my country's blood collection tube enterprises not only meet the domestic demand for blood collection tubes, but also export their products to foreign markets. The vacuum blood collection tube has the characteristics of accurate and safe blood collection, good effect of separating serum and plasma, easy to use, and can collect blood samples from multiple tubes with one needle. Therefore, we often see it when collecting blood in the hospital. Common blood collection tubes include PST tube, SST tube, EDTA tube, PRP tube, and CPT tube. What is the function of each?
PST tube, the full name of Plasma Separator Tube in English, we often use it to represent the plasma separation rubber tube. Generally, a light green head cover tube is used. It combines serum separation gel and heparin sodium or heparin lithium anticoagulant to separate blood cells from serum and plasma to improve its output. , to ensure that the composition of plasma is stable, it is often used for electrolyte testing, and is often used for plasma biochemical testing in intensive care and emergency care in hospitals.
SST tube, English full name Serum Separator Tube, inert separation and coagulation tube, generally used as yellow head cover tube. The coagulant in the tube can accelerate blood coagulation. After centrifugation, the serum separation gel in the tube can separate the liquid components (mainly serum and plasma) and solid components (mainly blood cells, proteins) in the blood, and form a stable in the tube. Barrier, sample specimens can be stored for 48 hours. This tube is mainly used for emergency serum biochemical and immunological detection.
EDTA tubes, also known as EDTA anticoagulant tubes, generally use purple capped tubes. EDTA anticoagulants will use EDTA salts (dipotassium, tripotassium, disodium), because they have good chelation of calcium ions, thereby inhibiting the effect of thrombin to prevent blood coagulation. Since this coagulation is reversible, it needs to be detected within a certain period of time (generally no more than 24 hours). Compared with other anticoagulants, the EDTA salt has little effect on the coagulation of blood cells and the morphology of blood cells. It is generally used for blood routine testing, and is also suitable for the collection, transportation and storage of venous blood samples for nucleic acid testing. The serum separation gel in the tube can It can well block the interference of hemoglobin in red blood cells to nucleic acid detection experiments.
PRP tube, English full name Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP rapid extraction tube, is a high-end blood collection tube, which is often used in medical beauty projects. High-concentration plasma, and then inject it into the required parts, so as to achieve the effect of cosmetic repair and regeneration or treatment.
CPT tube, full name in English, Cell Preparation Tube, vacuum mononuclear cell preparation tube, separates lymphocytes and mononuclear cells from whole blood through serum separation gel of different specific gravity, used in clinical medical testing, mainly to check HLA or residual leukemia genes Testing, TB testing, HIV testing, etc.
Although different vacuum blood collection tubes are used in different fields, their purpose is to use the different specific gravity of serum separation gel to separate the blood components that need to be detected or extracted. At present, there are very few manufacturers on the market that support customized separation gels. Desheng Biochemical has continuously developed through 16 years of technical team. After four generations, the separation gel has the characteristics of anti-irradiation, good separation effect, stable quality and long storage time. Between 1.045-1.065g/cm3. Desheng separation glue can be divided into acrylate system and resin system according to different raw materials. The appearance includes transparent, translucent and opaque, and can be customized according to customer appearance requirements. The products produced are favored by more than 400 enterprises at home and abroad, and sell well in domestic and overseas markets.

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