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Company News About What Kind of Blood Collection Tubes Can Use Serum Separation Gel

What Kind of Blood Collection Tubes Can Use Serum Separation Gel

What Kind of Blood Collection Tubes Can Use Serum Separation Gel

As an organic compound with a hydrophobic material, serum separation gel has good thixotropic properties. After on-machine centrifugation, serum and blood clots are quickly separated, and a jelly-like isolation layer is formed between serum and blood clots, thereby preventing their interaction. The storage time and original properties of blood samples are ensured by passing through the separation gel compartment within a certain period of time, thereby improving the accuracy of blood testing.


Serum Separation Gel Parameters:

Original Ezhou City,Hubei
Brand Desheng
Transportation By air,by sea
Appearance Gel
Size 25kg/drum
Stock In stock


So which blood collection tubes can use serum separation gel? Here are details for you.

1. Nucleic acid detection tube

Collection, delivery and storage of venous blood samples for nucleic acid detection by adding EDTA and serum separation gel to nucleic acid detection tubes. For the DNA amplification detection of HIV, DNA, and HCV of HBV, serum separation gel has a good barrier to the interference of hemoglobin in red blood cells to nucleic acid detection experiments.


2. PRP tube

The Chinese name is "high-concentration platelet plasma", which is mainly used to extract platelet-rich plasma through the precise specific gravity of the serum separation gel in the tube, and then inject the platelet-rich plasma into the required part of the human body to achieve the purpose of cosmetic repair, regeneration or treatment. Therefore, the PRP tube is not used to check whether there is a disease in the body, but to extract high-concentration platelets for reuse.


3. CPT tube

CPT tube is also called vacuum mononuclear cell preparation tube. It is mainly added into the tube through serum separation gel of different specific gravity to separate lymphocytes and monocytes in blood. It is suitable for clinical medical testing and can be used to check HLA or residual Leukemia genetic testing, tuberculosis testing, HIV testing, etc.


4. PST tube

The main purpose is to separate blood cells, serum and plasma, increase production, ensure the stability of plasma components, collect plasma samples, eliminate clotting time, and are mostly used in intensive care and emergency inspections.


Desheng Biochemical is a manufacturer specializing in the research, development and production of serum separation gels and ohter additives for blood collection tube. It has been developing for 17 years. Whether it is in the equipment environment, production team and product quality inspection, it has invested a lot of energy and time. The separation gel has also been improved by the first generation, the second generation and the third generation, until the fourth generation was developed and produced. Its performance and stability have made a qualitative leap. The PH value will not change, and the serum separation gel produced by Desheng has its own patented technology. Welcome to contact for any inquiry.