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Company News About What Kind of Test Items Should Use Lithium Heparin Blood Collection Tubes?

What Kind of Test Items Should Use Lithium Heparin Blood Collection Tubes?

What Kind of Test Items Should Use Lithium Heparin Blood Collection Tubes?

Lithium heparin green tube is a blood collection tube for plasma collection in blood testing. Due to this kind of medical device has the effect of anti-coagulation, the plasma can be separated from the blood after blood collection.Except for the collection of plasma required for biochemical tests,it’s also used for subsequent cell culture experiments of blood cells such as lymphocytes after blood collection. However, this method cannot be used for the test items of white blood cell count and classification, which may lead to inaccurate test results.

Lithium heparin blood collection tubes can mainly check liver diseases, such as viral hepatitis or liver cancer,liver abscesses and fatty livers. Lithium heparin is not a test items, but a anticoagulants.


With the effect of antithrombin,lithium heparin are added to the blood collection tube with the green cap,which can prolong the coagulation time of the specimen. It is suitable for red blood cell fragility test, blood gas analysis, hematocrit test, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and general energy biochemical determination, but not suitable for blood coagulation test. There is a 3ml tubes with lithium heparin green tubes which is often used for lead detection in children.Lithium heparin green tube is a heparin anticoagulant tube.Heparin sodium was used in the past may influence the result of electrolyte measurement. After technical improvement,lithium heparin is generally used. It can be applied for most biochemical tests, such as serum potassium.


Heparin anticoagulants are generally used for emergency laboratory tests, because they need to be centrifuged immediately after blood collection.The yellow or red test tubes need blood coagulation before centrifuging the serum, which will delay the emergency examination.In addition, the lithium heparin green tubes can also be used for trace element determination and blood flow experiments.

The plasma separation tubes with light green cap, which is adding lithium heparin anticoagulant to the inert serum separation gel tube.This kind of tubes can separate plasma rapidly , and it is the best choice for electrolyte testing routine plasma biochemical testing and emergency plasma biochemical testing such as ICU. Plasma samples can be loaded directly on the machine and keep stable for 48 hours under refrigeration.


Heparin anticoagulation tubes are applied to check four kinds of blood coagulation. It is a common inspection item in the laboratory department,generally to maintain the natural form of red blood cells.If this situation is detected, some traditional Chinese medicine can be used for conservative treatment.


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