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What types of carbomer are available and how are their uses different?

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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What types of carbomer are available and how are their uses different?

Carbomer has strong hygroscopicity and weak acidity (weaker than acetic acid). It can be neutralized by alkaline substances, forming high transparent gel, and high viscosity and viscosity increasing effect. Only a very low dosage is needed to produce high effective thickening without being affected by temperature, and can make some insoluble additives (particles, oil drops, etc.) permanently suspended. So it can be made into various kinds of gelatin in daily chemicals and skin care products, as well as pharmaceutical gels, such as Carbomer Eye Drops, Carbomer gynecological gel, etc.


Carbomer 940 and carbomer 980 are the most widely used. According to the characteristics of different products, there are many other models. What are the total models of carbomer? In fact, according to the relatively large series, Carbomer can be divided into two categories: carbomer 900 series and carbomer 1300 series. CP products of different types and uses can be obtained by controlling the relative molecular weight and crosslinking degree of polymers. The characteristics and applications of some or several different carbomer models are introduced below.

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1. The characteristics of carbomer 934, Carbomer 934p and carbomer 974P: good thickening effect, strong shear resistance, permanent stability at high viscosity and short flow in aqueous solution, which are very suitable for cream cosmetics. Among them, 934p

974P is more suitable for pharmaceutical preparations because of the small amount of residual solvent or non-toxic solvent.


2, the characteristics of carbomer 940 and carbomer 980: in this two, Carbomer is relatively more used in daily chemical products. Because of its highly effective thickening effect, it produces clear and transparent water or alcohol water gel, and its rheological property is very short. It is very suitable for all kinds of advanced cosmetics and hand sanitizer gel.


3, CP934P, CP971P, CP974P (P represents the Pharmacopoeia level) can release the drugs in zero or near zero mode. They have the characteristics of rapid and effective gelation, and have good controlled release at very low concentrations, so they are often used as accessories for oral preparations.


After reading the above introduction, we know that carbomer has such a variety of models, and there are some differences in application. At present, Desheng mainly produces two kinds of carbomer 980 and 940, which have high transparency, fluffy powder and white color. The viscosity can be adjusted according to the buyer's requirements. The products have detailed test reports on various parameters, and customers can purchase according to their requirements Sheng has been increasing investment in R & D and production. Now the daily output can reach 3-5 tons, and the supply is sufficient. At present, the activity price of ton level is 130 yuan / kg. Customers can take advantage of the preferential activities to stock up in advance.

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