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Company News About Which test is lithium heparin used for?

Which test is lithium heparin used for?

Which test is lithium heparin used for?

Which test is lithium heparin used for?

In the work of blood analysis in hospitals, the use of heparin tubes is relatively common. Because of its low chelation performance, strong stability, and no impact on blood components, its application value has been valued by the medical field. In particular, the use of heparin lithium as an anticoagulant has become a necessary reagent in the collection and testing of whole blood samples. However, in addition to blood collection, it can also be used for clinical testing. Let me introduce it in detail below.


1. For biochemical detection of patients after hemodialysis


In the laboratory department, there is a test that is very troublesome for medical staff, that is, the patient's sample after hemodialysis. It is not easy to coagulate, and the separation of serum is also difficult.

If a lithium heparin tube is used for collection and anticoagulation, since it will not interfere with the cell volume and is not easy to cause hemolysis, it can be centrifuged directly without using a water bath. After heparin lithium prevents blood coagulation, the plasma obtained after separation is closer to the real test results of the human body. Medical staff can make accurate judgments on the patient's condition by establishing a plasma biochemical test reference value system.


2. For routine biochemical detection


In recent years, another form of heparin has been favored by routine biochemical testing items, and has also become one of the important ways to judge the disease and prevent diseases, that is, lithium heparin anticoagulant plasma replaces serum, but at this time it needs to Potassium ion concentration, blood sodium, etc. establish a reference range. However, it should also be noted that in some other projects, such as pulmonary artery, hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase, lactate dehydrogenase and other biochemical projects, this method is not suitable for detection, and it may increase with the increase of heparin concentration.


As a professional manufacturer of blood collection tube additives in China, Desheng produces lithium heparin with a stable process and pure appearance, with an average molecular weight of 15,000, which can highly meet the needs of customers. However, we need to remind everyone that the heparin series products currently produced by Desheng are mainly used as anticoagulants in blood collection tubes, not injection grade or drugs for human body. If you have relevant needs, please click on the official website or call for consultation! It can be customized according to your different requirements, and the price is favorable for large quantities. Your purchase is welcome.