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Who are the main manufacturers of acridine ester chemiluminescence?

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China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Who are the main manufacturers of acridine ester chemiluminescence?
Latest company news about Who are the main manufacturers of acridine ester chemiluminescence?

Chemiluminescence immunoassay is a combination of chemiluminescence and immunoassay. It has both the high sensitivity of chemiluminescence and the high selectivity of immunoassay. The combination of the two is through the chemiluminescence reaction reagent (such as acridinium ester, alkaline phosphatase, etc.) and antibody or antigen labeling, the labeled antibody or antigen and the test substance undergo a series of immune reactions, physical and chemical steps (separation, Washing, etc.), and finally determine the luminous intensity to indirectly determine the content of the analyte. The choice of chemiluminescent markers determines the characteristics of the reaction system, as well as the characteristics of the instrument and reagents.


Chemiluminescence can be divided into three categories, direct chemiluminescence, enzymatic chemiluminescence, and electrochemiluminescence. Direct chemiluminescence uses light-emitting molecules, such as acridinium esters, luminols, etc. The representatives of manufacturers that use acridinium esters for direct chemiluminescence include Abbott, Siemens, Desheng Chemical, etc. So how do chemiluminescence manufacturers on the market choose? ? We have conducted statistical analysis on several major domestic chemiluminescence manufacturers. Desheng Chemical uses acridinium ester and luminol direct chemiluminescence, Roche uses electrochemiluminescence for diagnosis, Abbott uses acridinium ester direct chemiluminescence, and Beckman uses alkaline phosphatase-AMPPD luminescence system. For historical reasons, Siemens has three platforms under its control. The Centaur platform uses acridine ester direct chemiluminescence, the IMMULITE platform uses alkaline phosphatase chemiluminescence, and DIMENSION uses homogeneous photo-induced chemiluminescence.

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Number of different chemiluminescence manufacturers

On the whole, in this statistics, the number of chemiluminescence manufacturers using alkaline phosphatase is the most, with a total of 32 platforms, accounting for more than one-third; followed by acridinium chemiluminescence, with 23 platforms using acridinium esters Direct chemiluminescence. If the open chemiluminescence platform compatible with acridine ester and alkaline phosphatase is included, the number of chemiluminescence platforms using alkaline phosphatase or acridinium ester reaches 63, which is 75% higher. It can be seen that the mainstream of the current market is the alkaline phosphatase and acridinium ester chemiluminescence platform. The second is the horseradish peroxidase (HRP) system, electrochemiluminescence due to patent intellectual property issues, this field has been firmly occupied by Roche.


Desheng Chemical is a professional manufacturer of chemiluminescence reagents. There are five acridinium ester products, including DMAE-NHS, NSP-DMAE-NHS, NSP-SA, NSP-SA-NHS, ME-DMAE-NHS, luminescence reagents The product has high purity, high sensitivity and stable supply from the manufacturer. With excellent product quality, it has accumulated a group of stable repurchase customers. Welcome to consult and order.

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