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Why carbomer 940 is often used in cosmetics

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Why carbomer 940 is often used in cosmetics

If you ask what can quickly open up the topic of beauty, it's certainly cosmetics and skin care products. Not only have they become indispensable for women's skin control, but even men have to "grab a share". The demand for skin care and make-up is becoming more and more common. Many people may not know that there is a very important raw material in their skin care products - carbomer Is one of the indispensable ingredients, so why does carbomer's position in the cosmetics industry remain high? The following five reasons are for reference only.


1. Carbomer has good transparency in cosmetics. Don't underestimate the problem of transparency. The transparency produced by different manufacturers is different. Carbomer products with high transparency are more popular in the market. It can be imagined that if the cosmetics made from carbomer raw materials do not have a good transparency, there will be no good concept The final product will make customers have no desire to buy. The carbomer 940 produced and developed by Desheng has high transparency and viscosity, which can meet the needs of most buyers.

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2. carbomer does not support bacterial mold growth. Bacterial mold growth does not affect gel properties. The conventional dosage is 0.2-0.4%, which can replace 3-7% of conventional emulsifier. Carbomer polymer hardly has the property of surfactant, so adding 0.1-0.5% low HLB surfactant can adjust the oil phase particles to be smaller, so as to prepare white and delicate cream products.


3. carbomer is a macromolecule polymer, thickener, gel and emulsifying stabilizer. Carbomer has good compatibility with pH, and can be used in both acidic, neutral and alkaline conditions. As we all know, pH value of skin care products is a very important factor. Different skin types are suitable for skin care products with different pH values. Carbomer as a good gel matrix can be applied to skin care products with different PH values, so that more skin care products with high skin value suitable for different skin types can be made possible.


4. carbomer in cosmetics, skin care products, the main role is thickening agent, emulsifying stabilizer, gel, the risk coefficient is 1, relatively safe, can be used at ease, for pregnant women generally have no effect, Carbomer is not carcinogenic.


5. at a very low dosage (regular dosage of 0.25-0.5%), it can produce an effective thickening effect, thus preparing a wide viscosity range and rheological properties of emulsion, cream, gel and transdermal preparation. This is also a very important factor. If a product needs a high amount of material to achieve the corresponding thickening effect, it will undoubtedly increase the procurement cost of a product.


Desheng is a professional carbomer manufacturer. Carbomer 940 is very suitable for all kinds of cosmetics. It should be noted that when the skin care products are applied, Carbomer's final concentration is controlled less than 0.8%. It is suggested that it is suitable for about 0.5%. When the concentration is more than 0.8%, it is easy to form a film. Add as appropriate, the company can provide professional and technical guidance, welcome to call the detailed consultation.

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