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Company News About Why EDTA Tripotassium is used in blood collection

Why EDTA Tripotassium is used in blood collection

Why EDTA Tripotassium is used in blood collection

Why EDTA Tripotassium is used in blood collection?


As a potassium salt, tri potassium EDTA can chelate with most metals to form a stable chelate, so it is often used as a chelating agent in various products. The most common application is in blood collection. It is added to blood collection tubes to play the role of blood anticoagulation. Although EDTA tri potassium is widely used, many people still do not know why it is used in blood collection. So, let me introduce it to you in detail.


1、 Performance of EDTA tripotassium

The use of EDTA tri potassium in blood collection is determined by its performance. As a potassium salt, it has its own chelating property. It can chelate calcium ions, sodium ions, magnesium ions and other metal substances together without reaction. After the blood sample is drawn, the blood sample contains calcium ions. In the process of full contact, tri potassium EDTA will immediately play its own chelating property, blocking the coagulation function from the source, so that the blood will not clot in a certain time, improving the detection efficiency.


2、 International recognition

In 1993, the International Blood Standards Committee recognized that tri potassium EDTA could be used as an anticoagulant for blood analysis, and vigorously promoted its first use. In the era of fully automated medicine, the popularity of EDTA tri potassium not only provides convenience for medical personnel and shortens the detection time, but also avoids the error of detection results and waste of medical resources to a certain extent.


3、 Simple and convenient configuration

Generally, in order to facilitate transportation and storage, many raw material manufacturers produce EDTA trisotassium in powder form, which is not directly added to the test tube, so it needs to be prepared into a solution before use. The solution added to the blood collection tube needs to meet the key indicators and be easy to operate. On the premise of ensuring the solubility, it is only necessary to dissolve the EDTA potassium trioxide powder with deionized water. After the solution is injected into the test tube, it can be dried. The configuration process is simple, which is conducive to rapid supply and blood collection, and is the unanimous choice of everyone.


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