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Company News About Why is EDTA K2 anticoagulant used instead of heparin for blood routine vacuum blood collection?

Why is EDTA K2 anticoagulant used instead of heparin for blood routine vacuum blood collection?

Why is EDTA K2 anticoagulant used instead of heparin for blood routine vacuum blood collection?

In modern medical testing, blood analysis is an indispensable part of diagnosing diseases, and blood routine examination, as the basic blood testing item, its accuracy directly affects subsequent medical decisions. To ensure the reliability of the test results, blood samples need to be quickly processed after collection to prevent coagulation, which requires the use of anticoagulants. Among numerous anticoagulants, EDTA K2 (potassium ethylenediaminetetraacetate) is widely used in blood routine vacuum blood collection, rather than heparin or other types of anticoagulants, for scientific and specific reasons behind this.


The anticoagulant mechanism of EDTA K2

EDTA K2 is a calcium ion chelating agent, which means it can tightly bind with calcium ions in the blood to form stable complexes. Calcium ions play a crucial role in the process of blood coagulation, serving as a key cofactor in the activation of prothrombin to thrombin, which further catalyzes the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin, forming blood clots. When EDTA K2 binds to calcium ions, it effectively reduces the concentration of free calcium ions, thereby hindering the activation of prothrombin and subsequent coagulation cascade reactions, achieving anticoagulant goals. Every 0.8mg of EDTA K2 can anticoagulate 1ml of blood, making it both economical and efficient to use.

Reasons for choosing EDTA K2 instead of heparin

1. The impact on blood cell morphology is relatively small: Heparin, as another commonly used anticoagulant, although has good anticoagulant effects in many situations, may cause phenomena such as white blood cell aggregation and changes in red blood cell morphology, affecting the accuracy of blood cell counting, especially the impact on white blood cell counting and classification is more significant. EDTA K2 has a better protective effect on the morphology of blood cells, which can better maintain the natural state of cells and ensure the accuracy of blood routine test results.

2. The interference of EDTA K2 on detection items is small: EDTA K2 mainly affects detection items that rely on calcium ions, such as the determination of mineral content such as calcium and magnesium, while it hardly interferes with common detection items such as red blood cell count, white blood cell count, platelet count, and hemoglobin content in blood routine. In contrast, heparin may affect the determination of certain biochemical indicators, such as the results of certain enzyme activity measurements. Therefore, when multiple tests are required, EDTA K2 becomes a better anticoagulant.

3. Convenience of operation: Blood routine testing usually requires fast and accurate detection. The use of EDTA K2 is simple, and its vacuum blood collection vessel design can ensure accurate blood collection and instant mixing, reducing operational errors and improving detection efficiency.

In summary, the reason why EDTA K2 has become an anticoagulant for blood routine vacuum blood collection is because it can effectively and specifically prevent blood coagulation, while having little impact on blood cell morphology and minimal interference with routine testing items, and has good safety and operational convenience. These characteristics together ensure the accuracy and efficiency of blood routine testing, providing reliable data support for clinical diagnosis. In the modern pursuit of accurate medicine, EDTA K2 plays an irreplaceable role in the field of blood routine testing due to its advantages. As a raw material supplier in the biochemical market, Desheng provides high-quality EDTA K2 anticoagulants and other blood collection additives, which are comprehensive and affordable. If you have any relevant intentions, please click on the website to inquire about details and purchase!