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Company News About Why Must the Resin System Separation Gel Be Used in the PRP Tube?

Why Must the Resin System Separation Gel Be Used in the PRP Tube?

Why Must the Resin System Separation Gel Be Used in the PRP Tube?

With the development of the medical beauty industry, PRP high-concentration platelet-rich plasma has gradually been paid attention to. It is derived from individual blood, and its main components include platelets, leukocytes and fibrin. The concentration of platelets in plasma is particularly important.


Among them, the PRP separation gel produced by Desheng is helpful for the efficient extraction of platelet-rich plasma. The separation gel has resin system and acrylate system. Why must the resin system be used in the PRP tube? Next, Desheng will show you details.


The traditional method of PRP extraction is to take two centrifugation methods. According to the difference in the proportion of components in the blood, the sedimentation speed during centrifugation is different. The first centrifugation of platelet-containing plasma and red blood cells, and the second centrifugation separates platelets and platelet-poor plasma.


When resin separation gel is added, because the specific gravity of the separation gel is larger than that of platelet-rich plasma, after centrifugation, the uppermost layer in the PRP tube is serum, the second layer is PRP, the third layer is PRP separation gel, and the lower layer is blood cells. As long as the uppermost serum is extracted, PRP can be obtained.


Why choose to use resin release glue?

1.Radiation resistance

The resin-type separation gel is a radiation-resistant material, and the PRP tube needs a certain irradiation process. If the separation gel is used, it must be of the radiation-resistant type.


2.Hydrolysis resistance

PRP often requires built-in anticoagulants, such as sodium citrate solution or ACD solution, so the gel added to the test tube cannot react with the solution during long-term contact with the solution, and resin-type separating gel can well meet this requirement.


3.The operation is simpler, no need for 2 centrifugation, high-quality platelet-rich, fast extraction, and less blood samples are needed.


Desheng is a manufacturer specializing in the development and production of resin-based PRP separation gel. Its production environment is sterile, and the specific gravity of PRP gel required for different purposes is different, and the specific gravity can also be customized according to customer requirements. With the continuous improvement of process technology, the PRP separation gel produced by the company has excellent performance and is favored by PRP customers at home and abroad. If you have this demand, please click on the website to consult the details, and the company can provide sample testing.