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Why is heparin lithium more expensive than heparin sodium

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Why is heparin lithium more expensive than heparin sodium

There are two kinds of blood anticoagulant heparin salt produced by us, namely heparin sodium and heparin lithium. This is because heparin lithium is made from heparin sodium, which can only be worthwhile by conducting cation exchange with heparin sodium through ion exchange resin. Here is a brief introduction to the preparation process and the main equipment used.

The preparation of heparin lithium in foreign countries is usually made with high-quality heparin sodium as the raw material, which has a high raw material cost, and the ion exchange link is carried out under the condition of strong acid pH1.5 and low temperature, resulting in high titer loss, low yield and high production cost. In China, the preparation of heparin lithium has been greatly improved according to the above problems. The crude heparin sodium is directly used as the raw material, and after enzymatic hydrolysis by heparin enzyme, deproteinization, decolorization by hydrogen peroxide oxidation, and multiple alcohol-precipitation steps, lithium chloride is added to conduct cation exchange through cation exchange resin, which is worthy of high-quality heparin lithium. This method greatly saves the cost of raw materials and production costs.

In the preparation of heparin lithium, the exchange of sodium ions into lithium ions by cation exchange resin is the core step. Ion-exchange resin refers to the polymer compound with the active group that can adsorb ions, which has network structure and is insoluble. Its full name consists of classification name, skeleton name and basic name. Pore structure is divided into gel type and large pore type, properties are divided into strong acid cationic resin, weak acid cationic resin, strong basic anion resin, weak basic anion resin, in addition to the basic type of chelation, amphoteric, oxidation reducibility. Resin matrix manufacturing raw materials are mainly styrene and acrylic acid and divinylbenzene polymerization resin of two categories.

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In the use of reagents, sometimes do not use cation or anion to exchange resin hydrogen ions or hydroxide ions, grams to avoid the solution pH changes caused by the impact. For example, in the preparation of heparin lithium, lithium chloride is now used to exchange the hydrogen in the ion exchange resin, and the lithium ion resin is used to exchange the sodium in the heparin sodium, so that the heparin lithium is worth; Resin is regenerated not by acid, but by lithium chloride. Different resins have different adsorption rules for ions. Generally speaking, high-priced ions are adsorbed by some, while those with large diameter of isovalent ions are preferentially adsorbed.

DE sheng technology since the 05 years began to research and development production of separation, heparin, EDTA potash mining vessel additives, and in vitro diagnostic reagent, the color of the original substrate TOOS, MAOS new Trinder 's reagent, Bicine and Tris biological buffer and luminol, acridine esters such as chemiluminescence reagent has a deep research, in the independent research and development and synthesis of professional advantage.

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