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Company News About Addition amount of heparin lithium

Addition amount of heparin lithium

Addition amount of heparin lithium

Addition amount of heparin lithium


    In the emergency center, due to the rapid change of many patients' conditions and the uncertainty of the test time, it is easy to miss the best treatment opportunity and cause doctor-patient disputes. In recent years, with the development and popularization of test reagent products, such as EDTA potassium salt, heparin anticoagulant or coagulant, the efficiency of clinical testing has been effectively improved.


    At present, most clinical biochemical tests use the changes of serum as a reference for diagnosis of diseases, but the traditional method of extracting serum is relatively slow. On the one hand, it is because of the slow blood coagulation, on the other hand, the residual fibrin in the serum after blood coagulation is easy to cause instrument blockage, affecting the whole analysis process.


    Therefore, many hospitals have begun to use heparin lithium for anticoagulation. Compared with traditional methods, heparin lithium has a better effect on preventing blood coagulation, and the centrifugation speed is fast. All indicators are very close to the serological analysis indicators. However, some problems should be paid attention to in the overall use process, such as whether the addition amount and storage temperature of heparin lithium have any impact on other test items.


    Precautions for use of heparin lithium anticoagulant:


    1. It is generally recommended to add 15-25 IU of heparin lithium per milliliter of blood. If it is 20 IU/ml, it is better, but sometimes it will be added according to the experimental requirements, which is not a fixed dosage.


    2. If the blood is to be fully anticoagulated, it should be noted that the test tube should be inverted more than 5 times as soon as possible after the blood collection, especially when the temperature of the blood collection environment is too high, it is easy to produce local coagulation and non-coagulation.


    3. As a non-irreversible anticoagulant reagent, lithium heparin tube should complete the test as soon as possible after collecting blood samples, generally within 6 hours, otherwise it is easy to cause deviation in the test results.


    4. If you want to extract high-quality samples quickly, it is recommended to use them together with the separation gel, which can not only play the role of separation and anticoagulation, but also more accurate for the test results, which is conducive to the analysis and judgment of medical staff.


    As an old Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of blood collection reagents, Desheng not only pursues the production quantity, but also focuses on the quality and service, and strives to provide high-quality products for the market and customers, and effectively enhance its brand influence. At present, in the domestic market, such as serum separation gel, EDTA potassium salt and heparin salt are hot products, so they are gradually sold abroad, and have reached cooperative relations with more than 100 foreign customers. If you have any purchase intention, please click the website for details!