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Company News About Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blood Coagulant EDTA K2 and EDTA K3

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blood Coagulant EDTA K2 and EDTA K3

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blood Coagulant EDTA K2 and EDTA K3

When it comes to EDTA, many people should have heard of it. Today, I will introduce two potassium salts used as blood coagulants in blood collection tubes.


Dipotassium ethylenediaminetetraacetate, alias: dipotassium EDTA, CAS number is 25102-12-9, molecular weight is 404.46g/mol,and molecular formula is C10H18K2N2O10.Dipotassium EDTA is actually used as an additive in vacuum blood collection tubes, in the preparation of toilet deodorants, as a complexing agent in liquid phase analysis, and in the preparation of metal polishing agents.


Tripotassium ethylenediaminetetraacetate, alias: Tripotassium EDTA, CAS number is : 65501-24-8,molecular weight is 442.54g/mol,and molecular formula is C10H13K3N2O8.The tripotassium EDTA is used for complexing metal ions and separating metals, preparing anticoagulants in anticoagulant tubes; also used in detergents, liquid soaps, shampoos, agricultural chemical sprays Antidote,etc.


Dipotassium EDTA and tripotassium EDTA are both commonly used as anticoagulants in blood collection tubes.The anti-coagulation principle is EDTA chelates calcium ion in the blood to make anti-coagulation effect.Both are white crystalline powders soluble in water and alcohol.


Although both used as blood collection tube anticoagulants,their anticoagulant abilities are different, mainly in the ability to complex calcium ions cause tghe different usage.In 5% aqueous solution,the pH of EDTA-Ka2 is 4.8 ± 1,and EDTA-Ka3 is 7.3 ± 1. The difference is mainly reflected the stability at different pH condition.The PH of EDTA K3 is neutral that won’t affect the PH of blood.At the same time, its ability to complex calcium ions is stronger than that of EDTA K2.Which reflect the anticoagulant effect is better than that of EDTA K2; What’s more,the solubility of EDTA K3 is higher than that of EDTA K2, which sometimes affects the anti-coagulation effect.But if EDTA K3 is used as a liquid additive, it will cause dilution of the sample. All direct test items, such as hemoglobin, red blood cell, white blood cell, and platelet counts, were 1-2% lower than EDTA K2 as an anticoagulant.


It seems that there are advantages and disadvantages to choose EDTA K2 or EDTA K3 as blood collection tube additives.The important thing is to choose the right one for the detection. Hubei New Desheng is a professional manufacturer of blood collection tube additives. We have been producing these for more than ten years with mature production process and excellent technical indicators.We are worthy of your trust!