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Application of Carbomer 940

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Application of Carbomer 940
Latest company news about Application of Carbomer 940

Carbomer 940 is a polyacrylic acid polymer. The compound usually appears as a white powder with a slight odor. Properties: (jelly type) very short rheology, high transparency, low shear resistance, high yield value (suspension capacity) ), Can be used as thickener and emulsion stabilizer. It is known for being widely used in the cosmetics industry. Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, personal care and cosmetics industries. The largest proportion is used for personal care and cosmetics, the ratio is about 54%.


Application of carbomer 940 in skin care emulsion

Carbomer 940 has the functions of thickening, suspending, stabilizing the system, regulating the release of water and active substances, and has a simple process and good stability. Therefore, it is widely used in skin care emulsions. It is more refreshing because it has these two advantages, making it more popular with skin care lotions and gel products. Most people often pay attention to the translucent effect when choosing skin care products. Carbomer 940 greatly satisfies many people. In this regard, in addition, the skin care lotion it makes is relatively refreshing and very easy to apply. This has become the first choice for many people with greasy skin, and its status in the skin care field cannot be underestimated.


Application of carbomer 940 in pharmacy

The application of Carbomer 940 in pharmacy is mainly manifested in the application of gel. It can be applied to all kinds of oral gel and dental gel, and can be developed into a compound gel preparation which is suitable for consistency and has no greasy feeling and easy to smear. This preparation is effective in treating periodontitis, gingivitis and oral mucosal ulcers, and it has a faster effect and can last for a long time.Carbomer 940 gel matrix has good film forming and adhesion. Adding protein coagulant containing formaldehyde, thymol and other desensitizing drugs to the gel matrix can prolong the residence time of the drug in the teeth. Desensitization effect is enhanced.


Nowadays, the epidemic situation of new coronavirus is getting more and more serious, and all industries are deeply affected by the epidemic situation, resulting in our company's original business not being able to develop normally. Production of virus preservation solution, Carbomer 940, Carbomer 980 and other products have obtained a large number of orders as soon as they are on the market. Due to their wide use, they can be used in many fields. Warmly welcome to come to discuss cooperation!

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