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Application of TAPS buffer

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Application of TAPS buffer
Latest company news about Application of TAPS buffer

TAPS buffer is widely used, both as a buffer system commonly used in DNA screening systems and as a buffer component for RNA samples; It is used for electron transfer and phosphorylation studies of chloroplast thin layer preparation; During the drying process, it can protect the oxidation of oxyhemoglobin to methemoglobin; it can also be used as a background electrolyte for capillary zone electrophoresis for protein microanalysis. Desheng is skilled in technology. TAPS buffer is prepared from high-purity, high-quality TAPS. After strict filtration and sterilization, quality testing can be directly added to the medium. It should be noted that TAPS buffer has a pH range of 7.7-9.1 and a pKa (ion concentration set) of 8.4. The method of using TAPS buffer is to add it directly to the sterile medium or add the instrument to filter and sterilize when configuring the medium.


TAPS buffer can be used to control the solid combination of gas or liquid fugacity at high temperature and pressure, or at normal temperature and pressure. It can be solid or liquid. Buffers in chemical engineering are often called acid-base stabilizers, and are generally salts, such as strong acid weak bases or weak acid strong base salts. During the reaction or storage, the acid or base in the salt is gradually released to maintain a stable acid base value. The fHZ is provided externally. Pure solid silver and pure liquid silver chloride are balanced at a certain temperature and pressure to produce a fixed one. fHCl, used in H-O-Cl system. The buffering agent can suppress the change of the pH value of the plating solution during electroplating. For example, if boric acid is added to the nickel plating solution, its buffer range is close to the pH value of the plating solution of 5-6, so it can effectively suppress the pH value of the solution near the cathode caused by the plating process. In addition, in some other electroplating solutions, ammonium salts, acetates, citrates, etc. are also used.


In order to prepare a buffer solution of a certain pH, first select a weak acid whose pKaφ is as close as possible to the pH value of the buffer solution to be prepared, and then calculate the concentration ratio of the acid to the base, according to this concentration ratio, the required buffer solution can be prepared . The above mainly takes the buffer solution composed of weak acid and its salt as an example to explain its working principle, pH calculation and preparation method. The same method can be used for buffer solutions composed of weak bases and their salts.


The buffer solution is widely used in material separation and component analysis. For example, when identifying Mg2 ions, the following reaction can be used: The precipitate of white magnesium ammonium phosphate is soluble in acid, so the reaction needs to be carried out in an alkaline solution, but the alkalinity is too strong. A white Mg (OH)2 precipitate is formed, so the pH of the reaction needs to be controlled within a certain range, so the above reaction is carried out using a buffer solution composed of NH3 · H2O and NH4Cl while maintaining the pH of the solution.

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