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Company News About Biological buffer taps quality supply,N-Tris(Hydroxymethyl)Methyl-3-Aminopropanesulfonic Aci manufacturers

Biological buffer taps quality supply,N-Tris(Hydroxymethyl)Methyl-3-Aminopropanesulfonic Aci manufacturers

Biological buffer taps quality supply,N-Tris(Hydroxymethyl)Methyl-3-Aminopropanesulfonic Aci manufacturers

N-Tris(Hydroxymethyl)Methyl-3-Aminopropanesulfonic Acid (TAPS) is a white powder with molecular formula c7h17no6s, molecular weight 243.278, CAS number 29915-38-6, and TAPS buffer is also called tabs Buffer, a sulfonic zwitterionic buffer, is widely used in biochemistry and molecular biology. Its pH buffer range is 7.7-9.1, soluble in water (25g / 50ml) and PKA is 8.4. It is commonly used in biochemical diagnostic kit, DNA / RNA extraction kit and PCR diagnostic kit in clinical diagnosis.

In biological and biochemical experiments, it is often necessary to use the medium with stable pH range, so buffer reagent is often used. The traditional buffer composed of weak acid and its salt or the mixture of weak base and its salt has many kinds, low price and easy to obtain, but it has some shortcomings, such as insufficient buffer capacity, affecting the biochemical reaction process and so on.


Sulfonic acid type biological buffer is an ideal biochemical buffer at present, which has many outstanding characteristics superior to the traditional buffer. Taps sulfonic biological buffer is often used as a buffer system in DNA screening system, and can also be used as a buffer component of RNA samples; it is suitable for electron transfer and phosphorylation research of chloroplast thin layer preparation; it can protect oxyhemoglobin from oxidation to methemoglobin during freeze-drying; it can also be used as a background electrolyte for protein microanalysis by capillary zone electrophoresis.


Desheng biochemical, as an old manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic reagents, produces taps buffers with high purity, good quality, stable buffering performance and little impact on the experimental results. In addition to taps, we can also provide other biological buffers such as Tris, HEPES, caps, mops, as well as various in vitro diagnostic reagent raw materials such as chemiluminescence reagent, chromogen substrate, blood collection vessel additive, etc.


Desheng biochemical friendly tips:


1. Protection should be done according to the situation of the test. Wear necessary protective tools, test clothes, rubber gloves, protective mask, gas mask, etc. according to the possible dangerous accidents. Before the experiment, we should pay attention to clean up the potential safety hazards around the test site. Check whether the test device, drugs and related articles do not meet the requirements.


2. Follow the nature of chemicals and the law of chemical reaction to avoid the experimental accidents caused by improper operation. The matching reaction device should be selected according to the nature and process of chemical reaction, and the necessary safety measures should not be omitted.


3. To estimate the risk of the experiment, attention should be paid to the following types of experiments: ① unknown reactions and operations; ② experiments with multiple risks (such as fire, toxic and harmful gases, etc.); ③ experiments under harsh reaction conditions (such as high temperature, high pressure, etc.).


4. Take accident prevention measures and check: be familiar with the position and operation method of switches and fire extinguishers around the experimental environment.


5. Post treatment: pay attention to the cleaning of the experimental platform, the arrangement of articles, the treatment of waste liquid, etc.