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Company News About Blood anticoagulant heparin sodium cold store

Blood anticoagulant heparin sodium cold store

Blood anticoagulant heparin sodium cold store

Blood anticoagulant heparin sodium cold store


    Heparin sodium is prepared on the basis of heparin, which can be used as an extracorporeal blood anticoagulant to prevent blood clotting or as a commonly used anticoagulant to prevent and treat thrombotic diseases. Due to the different production processes and characteristics of drugs and blood anticoagulants, there are also differences in their storage methods during use. For example, heparin sodium injection and prepared anticoagulant heparin sodium solution have refrigeration conditions, while raw powder only needs to be stored at room temperature. Below, we will focus on the preservation of in vitro anticoagulant heparin sodium powder and solution.


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Bottled heparin sodium


    Preservation of heparin sodium raw material powder


    From the appearance, the finished product is in powder form, and the powder is prone to moisture absorption. Therefore, its storage condition is that it does not need to be refrigerated, only needs to be sealed and stored at room temperature. It is required that the surrounding temperature change should not be too large, and it should not be exposed to sunlight.


Preservation of heparin sodium preparation solution


    Compared to the original powder storage, the prepared solution has stricter storage conditions. Due to the solution's susceptibility to oxidation and heat, if left in the air for a long time, it can cause structural changes and reduce reaction performance. Therefore, it is necessary to use refrigeration to ensure the stability of the effect.


    Refrigeration methods and precautions for heparin sodium solution


    1. Storage temperature: The storage temperature of the solution should be controlled between 0-4 degrees Celsius to avoid excessive freezing or heating. When storing in the refrigerator, it should be placed in the freezer inside the refrigerator to avoid mixing with other products. In addition, it should be noted that the maximum storage period is one week and cannot be left for a long time.


    2. Sealing requirements: The solution device should be well sealed to prevent air from entering. If it needs to be used, it should be checked for any leakage in advance. If there is any leakage or discoloration, it should be immediately stopped from use.


    3. Usage: The solution is usually added to the test tube using both manual and machine methods. Before adding, the relevant instructions and instructions should be carefully reviewed, and the operation should be carried out according to the steps and specifications. Attention should be paid to cleaning various operating tools to avoid the infiltration of harmful impurities and affecting performance.


    The original heparin sodium powder purchased can be stored at room temperature and away from light, but the prepared solution needs to be refrigerated and stored. This requires special attention to avoid performance changes caused by improper storage. As a manufacturer of heparin sodium raw materials, Desheng can provide customers with professional usage advice to ensure stable performance. If you have any interest, please click on the website to inquire and purchase!