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Company News About Competitive Price of Heparin Sodium Can be Get from Desheng

Competitive Price of Heparin Sodium Can be Get from Desheng

Competitive Price of Heparin Sodium Can be Get from Desheng

Recently, Desheng has been receiving inquiry about heparin sodium, and the quote is too different from the market. It is normal to have such emotions, because the price of heparin sodium is related to type and quality. Let me introduce the price of heparin sodium in detail below.


Heparin was mainly extracted from animal organs in the early days, and later research found that some mammalian organs also contained heparin, so it was derived from pig intestines, cattle and sheep and other organs. It has a wide range of uses, such as anticoagulant in blood collection tubes and various thrombotic drugs, etc. The production process of heparin varies from manufacturers, so the use and cost are different, and the price will also be vary naturally.


Different types of heparin sodium

1. Unfractionated heparin sodium: a mixture composed of some chemical substances alternately, usually extracted from pig intestines or bovine lungs, and prepared into drugs for clinical use. Because it is a kind of drug, the price will be higher.

2. Crude heparin sodium is extraction from pig intestines.With elution, filtration, merging of the supernatant and filtrate.Then adding ethanol for precipitation.After carefully drying and sucking out the supernatant, collecting the lower sediment, pumping filter until dry, and then vacuum-dry to produce crude heparin. The requirements and production process of this heparin sodium are relatively low, and its price is also lower.

3. Vacuum blood collection tube anticoagulant heparin sodium.It is mainly used as an additive in vacuum test tubes. As an anticoagulant tube, it can prevent blood samples from coagulating within a certain period of time. This kind of heparin is different from other types and has a relatively high potency. For high-quality heparin sodium, the price gap will be larger.


Differences in origin of heparin sodium

For the heparin used in the medical industry, some manufacturers use imported raw materials, and some use domestic raw materials. The difference between imported and domestic products naturally leads to price differences.


Rare sources of heparin

Although heparin can be extracted from the organs of mammals such as pigs, cattle, and sheep, these heparins are mainly crude products, and the key extraction site is the small intestine of pigs, but the heparin extracted from pig intestines is very rare, sometimes 3000 pigs can extract 1 kg of heparin. If the pork price fluctuates and adjusts, the price of heparin sodium will also be affected.

Therefore, the price adjustment of heparin sodium is related to various factors.


Desheng is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of heparin sodium, which is mainly added to vacuum test tubes for in vitro anticoagulation. The price can be negotiated according to the quantity, and can be customized according to the different needs of customers.If you have any requirements in this regard, welcome to click on the website for consultation!