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Company News About Dihydroxyethyl Glycine Bicine Buffer Made By Desheng

Dihydroxyethyl Glycine Bicine Buffer Made By Desheng

Dihydroxyethyl Glycine Bicine Buffer Made By Desheng

Bicine buffer is dihydroxyethyl glycine, CAS No. 150-25-4. It is a very versatile biological buffer with same excellent buffering performance as Tris.It has gradually replaced traditional phosphate buffered saline in some demanding biochemical tests.


Bicine is a slightly acidic amino acid derivative with pH buffer range 7.6-9.0.It’s soluble in water and common organic solvents such as DMF, DMSO, DMAc, etc. Sodium hydroxide is usually added into powdered Bicine to adjust the pH value to meet the PH environment requirements for experiments or testing. If the experimental environment needs to eliminate the interference of sodium ions, potassium hydroxide can be used instead of sodium hydroxide, and then the pH meter can be used to adjust the mixing ratio of Bicine solution and lye solution.


The buffering principle of Bicine is similar to the other biological buffers.Bicine is amphoteric, when acid and alkali are added to the reaction system or the pH of the reaction environment changes as the reaction proceeds, it can play a buffering role and maintain the reaction system. It is very important to biochemical detection which involved enzymes or proteins and nucleic acids. The stability and functionality of most organic biomolecules are very sensitive to pH.


The molecular structure of Bicine is similar to that of glycine. The hydrogen on the nitrogen atom of the amino group is replaced by two hydroxyethyl groups, which reduces the hydrolysis ability, improves its stability, and maintain the properties of amino acids and aminoethanols that can form gold complex as a single anion.The buffer system configured with Bicine and sodium hydroxide will not participate in the chemical reaction of the reaction system, nor will it interfere with the experimental reaction, and is resistant to chemical action and enzymatic hydrolysis.


Desheng is a manufacturer specializing in the production and development of raw materials for biochemical testing and in vitro diagnosis. It has rich experience in blood pretreatment, blood pretreatment and biochemical kits. At present, the mature product series include blood collection tube additives, chromogenic substrate, chemiluminescence reagents and more than ten biological buffers including Bicine.