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Company News About Do I need to shake up the blood collection accelerator?

Do I need to shake up the blood collection accelerator?

Do I need to shake up the blood collection accelerator?

Do I need to shake up the blood collection accelerator?


    The emergence of vacuum blood sampling additives not only provides convenience to major medical institutions, but also promotes more accurate testing results and reduces errors. Compared to traditional blood testing methods, blood is collected, tested, and analyzed in the original test tube, avoiding the possibility of cross infection to some extent. As one of the additives, coagulant enhancers generally appear in routine blood testing, which plays a role in promoting blood coagulation. However, in real life, many "novices" in hospitals do not know whether it is necessary to shake up blood samples containing coagulants? So let's focus on introducing it to everyone.


    1、 Coagulant effect


    Coagulant enhancers are often added to test tubes by machine or manual means, and are evenly sprayed on the inner wall to promote rapid blood coagulation. Due to the long waiting time for coagulation under natural conditions and the susceptibility to external interference that affects the accuracy of the results, the use of coagulants in test tubes has become extremely important and is one of the popular reagents in most medical institutions.


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Coagulant accelerator


    2、 Shake up the blood collection accelerator


    In fact, it is necessary to shake the blood collection vessel containing coagulant promoting agent well, but pay attention to the strength. If the shaking force is too large, it is easy to cause damage to blood cell components, and eventually lead to hemolysis. If the shaking force is too small, the purpose of mixing may not be achieved, which will lead to poor coagulation promoting effect. It is recommended not to shake the coagulant promoting tube immediately when starting to pick it up. You can slowly invert it up and down to fully mix the coagulant promoting agent and blood.


    3、 Precautions for use of coagulation promoting tubes


    1. When using test tubes, special attention should be paid to the ambient temperature conditions. The ambient temperature should not be lower than 20 ℃. If it is lower than this value, it is not only necessary to increase the amount of coagulant added, but also to increase the mixing times and extend the coagulation promoting time.


    2. Pay attention to the length of the coagulation promoting time. If the coagulation is not complete, it cannot be directly operated, otherwise it may easily lead to hemolysis.


    3. Attention should be paid to placing the storage promoting coagulation tube at normal temperature, and it should not be stored under excessively high or excessive temperature conditions, which is not conducive to experimental detection.


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