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Company News About How does EDTA tripotassium anticoagulant work

How does EDTA tripotassium anticoagulant work

How does EDTA tripotassium anticoagulant work

How does EDTA tripotassium anticoagulant work


EDTA tripotassium is called EDTA-K3 for short. Because of its chelating effect of metal ions, it is often used as a chelating agent in various products, such as: softener, scale removal agent, antidote and so on. Among them, the most widely used field is in medicine, add to the blood collection tube, in clinical blood collection or test for blood sample pretreatment, play an in vitro anticoagulation effect. The anticoagulant effect of EDTA tripotassium anticoagulant is mainly related to its reaction principle, which is introduced to you in detail below.


EDTA tripotassium anticoagulant principle

EDTA tripotassium has anticoagulant properties, after a certain amount of blood is drawn, in the process of full contact, it will directly complex the metal ions in the blood, blocking the clotting function from the source, so that the blood will not clot in a certain time, hindering the process of the experiment. In addition, EDTA tripotassium does not damage the blood cell components, has no effect on the number and size of white blood cells, and almost does not i
nterfere with the red blood cell morphology. It is very suitable for routine blood testing. Its anticoagulant effect is considered to be one of the ideal anticoagulants.


EDTA tripotassium anticoagulant configuration

Since the produced EDTA tripotassium is in powder form, when added to the test tube, it needs to be configured into a solution of a certain concentration, not directly added to the test tube. The usual configuration method is to use a certain amount of distilled water to dissolve EDTA tripotassium powder, need to ensure solubility, and then injected into the blood collection tube, the use of the dryer to dry it, the test tube material is different, liquid in the glass tube, plastic blood collection in the fog.



Precautions for EDTA Tripotassium Anticoagulation


The anticoagulation effect of EDTA tri potassium is non irreversible. In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, it is required to complete the test within 24 hours. In addition, it should be noted that the anticoagulation effect of EDTA tri potassium is not suitable for all blood test items. As an anticoagulant, it is not suitable for blood coagulation test. Because of its ability to complexe metals, it cannot be used in calcium ion, potassium ion and other determination experiments.


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