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Company News About How Is EDTA K2 Configured Solvent To Be Used In A Purple Cap Tube?

How Is EDTA K2 Configured Solvent To Be Used In A Purple Cap Tube?

How Is EDTA K2 Configured Solvent To Be Used In A Purple Cap Tube?

EDTA K2 is a kind of crystal obtained by the reaction of EDTA and potassium hydroxide. After dehydration, drying, grinding, and pulverization, the powder can be obtained. When using, the powder needs to be prepared into solvent and sprayed on the inner wall of the blood collection tube as anticoagulants.


Among the test tubes with caps of different colors, the purple test tube is an anticoagulant tube with EDTA K2 added. The EDTA in it has a chelating force for calcium ions in the blood, which can prevent the coagulation process, prevent the blood sample from coagulating, and also prevent platelet aggregation phenomenon.


The EDTA K2 produced by Desheng is in powder form. It needs to be configured as a solution and added to the purple cap tube before use. The configuration of EDTA K2 is not as difficult as imagined. The following summarizes several configuration steps for reference.


Determine the dosage

According to the experimental data of the reference document, the content of EDTA K2 in each millimeter of blood is 1.5-2.2 mg, so when adding the amount of EDTA K2, it is necessary to consider the amount of blood collected in the test tube, so that there will be no waste when configuring nor lead to errors in the test results.


Configuration steps

First,weigh the required amount of EDTA-K2 powder with an electronic balance.


Second,pour a part of the powder into deionized water or distilled water to dissolve it. During this period, it needs to be stirred continuously, and then slowly pour the remaining EDTA-K2 powder in the continuous stirring.


Third. After observing that the powder is completely dissolved, add deionized water or distilled water again, and make up to the required amount.


Fourth. Pour the constant volume solution into an airtight container, slowly and repeatedly invert and mix six or seven times. The prepared solution can be stored at -4°C for a maximum of one week, so it is best to prepare before using.


Fifth,add the prepared solution into the test tube, slowly turn and tap the test tube to make it fully touch the inner wall of the test tube, and then dry it.


However, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that when preparing the solution, it is necessary to confirm the required concentration. Sometimes the concentration is too high, which will lead to the increase of local osmotic pressure and the destruction of blood components, resulting in hemolysis.


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