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Company News About How to use heparin sodium

How to use heparin sodium

How to use heparin sodium

How to use heparin sodium


    As a naturally occurring anticoagulant, heparin sodium is hidden in the liver organs of mammals, such as cattle, sheep and pigs, and then prepared into anticoagulants in vitro, which is conducive to reducing the blood coagulation ability and preventing the formation of harmful clots in blood vessels, so it is favored by various medical institutions, and its application field is gradually extensive.


    However, it should be noted that heparin sodium has its own use methods and requirements. If you do not know how to use it, it is likely to lead to poor anticoagulation effect and deviation in the test results. So let's introduce how to use heparin sodium in detail. You can also pay attention to it when using it.


    1. As an anticoagulant for blood in vitro, crude heparin cannot be used directly. The refined heparin sodium needs to be used to ensure the purity of the appearance color. It is dissolved in water to prepare a solution and then directly sprayed on the inner wall of the test tube. The conventional dosage of 1 ml of blood corresponds to 20 IU of heparin sodium.


    2. Use after adding solvent to test tube γ Irradiation sterilization is carried out by irradiation with a dose of 8-25 kGy. Generally, the irradiation dose can also be determined according to the initial number of colonies.


    3. Heparin sodium can be used at the same time with serum separation gel, and its anticoagulation and centrifugation effects can reach the best state, which is conducive to more accurate detection results.


    4. When using heparin sodium anticoagulant tube, the blood sample should be inverted and mixed for at least 8 times as soon as possible after being collected, especially when the ambient temperature of blood collection is too high, if the mixing is not timely, half of the coagulation and half of the non-coagulation phenomenon will occur, pay attention to the use of shaking should not be too strong, just gently inverted.


    5. When heparin sodium is used for anticoagulation, because it can participate in cell metabolism, the amount of heparin sodium used will interfere with the test results, so the amount of heparin sodium used should fully ensure the complete anticoagulation of the sample, so as to ensure the accuracy of the value.


    The above five aspects briefly introduce how to use heparin sodium and the points for attention. As an anticoagulant in vitro, its requirements must be stricter. Knowing how to use it can effectively avoid problems in the results.


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