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Company News About Introduction to Heparin Stadium hs Code

Introduction to Heparin Stadium hs Code

Introduction to Heparin Stadium hs Code

Heparin sodium is an important biochemical reagent with a wide range of applications. In international trade, heparin sodium is assigned the HS code 3001901000 to distinguish and identify this chemical substance. This article will conduct a detailed analysis of the HS code of heparin sodium in order to better understand its classification and use in international trade.


Meaning of HS code


HS coding, also known as the "Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System", is an internationally recognized commodity coding system developed and managed by the World Trade Organization (WTO). It adopts a numerical encoding structure for classifying and identifying different products, with each digit representing a specific classification level.


HS code for heparin sodium


The HS code for heparin sodium is 3001901000, with a total of 10 digits. The first 8 digits are the main code and the last two digits are additional codes. The specific meaning is that the first digit (3) represents the classification of the substance, 3 represents the drug or chemical, the second digit (0) represents the main classification, 0 represents its use, and the last four digits (0191) represent specific subcategories, with each digit representing a more specific subdivision of the field.


International Application of Heparin Sodium


1. Pharmaceutical preparations: Heparin sodium is often used as an ingredient in pharmaceutical preparations to treat and prevent thrombotic diseases, such as venous thromboembolism and heart valve replacement surgery. The accurate use of its HS code helps with correct commodity classification and customs clearance procedures in international trade.


2. In medical device blood collection: Heparin sodium can be used for blood anticoagulation in vitro, which is convenient for medical staff to operate and improve efficiency. The use of HS code can ensure accurate declaration and identification of medical device blood collection in international trade.


3. Research and laboratory applications: Heparin sodium also plays an important role in biomedical research and laboratory applications. It is commonly used in fields such as in vitro experiments, cell culture, and blood testing to regulate anticoagulant function.


Heparin sodium, as an important chemical reagent, has been designated with HS code 3001901000 in international trade. Through the analysis of HS codes, we can not only better understand the classification and use of heparin sodium in international trade, but also accurately use and identify HS codes to strengthen commodity classification, import and export statistics, and customs clearance procedures, promoting the smooth progress of international trade.


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