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Company News About It is important to pay attention to these issues when Use Carbomer gels

It is important to pay attention to these issues when Use Carbomer gels

It is important to pay attention to these issues when Use Carbomer gels

Carbomer is a white, loose powder with strong hygroscopicity and acidity. It is soluble in water, glycerin, and ethanol. It has the characteristics of a colloidal solution. The usual concentration is 0.1% to 3%. Due to the low viscosity, when the alkali is neutralized, the viscosity gradually rises as the macromolecules gradually dissolve, forming a clear solution when the mass fraction is low, and a translucent gel when the mass fraction is large. Carbomer not only It is widely used in daily chemicals. It can also be used as a promising new pharmaceutical excipient. The following introduces some problems that should be paid attention to when using carbomer to make gels.


Carbomer model selection


According to the different uses of the prepared gel, choose different types of CP. CP934 has the strongest adhesion and is more suitable for cavity administration, such as commonly used nasal bioadhesives, vaginal bioadhesives, rectal bioadhesives, oral Containing or oral bioadhesives, etc. CP940 has strong adhesion to the skin surface and good spreadability, which can prolong the residence time of the drug on the skin surface and increase the effect of the drug. It is widely used in skin diseases and can absorb tissue exudate, which is beneficial to the exclusion of secretions. Suitable for treatment of seborrheic skin diseases. CP1342 has strong ion resistance, which is more suitable in the presence of electrolyte.


Carbomer quality score selection


According to the different viscosity of the required gel, generally choose the mass fraction of CP from 0.5% to 3%. When formulating skin care products, the final mass fraction of CP should be controlled to be less than or equal to 0.8%. When it is greater than 0.8%, it is easy to form a film and the skin feels bad. In order to achieve the desired consistency, CP can also be used in combination with carmellose, sodium alginate, polyethylene glycol, polyvinylpyrrolidone, etc. to achieve a synergistic thickening effect.


Choice of pH regulator


In order to make CP form a more stable gel, its pH needs to be adjusted from 5 to 11. The CP neutralizer can be sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, potassium bicarbonate, borax and triethanolamine in polar systems, and laurylamine and amine stearate can be used in non-polar systems.


Choice of moisturizer


Since the gel will lose water during storage, it will dry and harden, forming a dry micelle which is not easy to spread. It is necessary to add a moisturizer to maintain the stability of the dosage form and prevent the skin from drying out. Commonly used humectants include polyols such as glycerin and propylene glycol.


Selection of preservatives


Carbomer itself has no nutrition and does not support the growth of bacteria and molds, but it cannot prevent the growth of bacteria and molds using the nutrients present in the gel system, so different preservatives should be selected according to the situation, such as sodium benzoate and p-hydroxybenzene Formate (parabens) and ethanol, etc. Preservatives can also be combined to reduce dosage and achieve synergistic antibacterial effects.


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