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Company News About lithium heparin blood test

lithium heparin blood test

lithium heparin blood test

In modern medicine, using heparin lithium test tubes to collect blood samples for examination is a common and important method. It processes blood through heparin lithium anticoagulants in test tubes, providing doctors with key information to evaluate patients' coagulation function and blood related diseases. As a result, heparin lithium tubes are widely used in various medical fields, from disease diagnosis to the formulation of treatment plans, all without this key reagent.


Heparin lithium blood sampling examination


Heparin lithium blood sampling examination is performed by using heparin lithium, a special anticoagulant, to prevent rapid coagulation of blood samples after collection. This is a crucial step, as blood clots quickly after leaving the body, but the frozen sample will not be able to be used for accurate laboratory testing. And coating a layer of heparin lithium on the inner wall of the blood collection vessel, as a polysaccharide compound with strong negative charges, prevents the adhesion and aggregation of platelets and coagulation factors in the blood, thereby effectively inhibiting blood coagulation.


Application fields of heparin lithium tube blood test


1. Coagulation function evaluation: This is one of the most common applications. By measuring various coagulation parameters in blood samples, such as prothrombin time (PT), activated partial coagulation time (APTT), and international standardized ratio (INR), doctors can evaluate whether a patient's coagulation function is normal. This is crucial for diagnosing and monitoring diseases related to coagulation function, such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), etc.


2. Treatment monitoring: For patients undergoing anticoagulant therapy, heparin lithium tubes can be used to monitor the treatment effect. Doctors can adjust the dosage of anticoagulants based on the test results to ensure that the patient is in a safe coagulation state.


3. Preoperative evaluation: In some cases where surgery is required, doctors may need to assess whether the patient's coagulation function is normal, which can help avoid the risk of surgery and take appropriate preparation measures. Heparin lithium tubes can process the collected blood in advance and obtain results through testing.


The use of heparin lithium tubes to check blood is an indispensable step in clinical laboratories. By preventing blood clotting, it not only provides medical staff with a basis for diagnosis and prevention, but also saves time. As an advantageous manufacturer of blood collection additives, Desheng provides heparin lithium as the raw material powder. After preparation, it can be added to test tubes to effectively prevent blood clotting, providing protection for various blood tests. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us for purchase!