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Company News About lithium heparin tube for electrolytes

lithium heparin tube for electrolytes

lithium heparin tube for electrolytes

Electrolytes are ions in the body, including chloride ions, potassium ions, sodium ions, etc. They play a crucial role in regulating intracellular and extracellular osmotic pressure and maintaining normal physiological functions. Once someone is taken to the hospital due to summer heat stroke, doctors will recommend that the patient undergo an electrolyte test to ensure that the electrolyte content in the body is within the normal range, which is a key means of evaluating the patient's overall health and whether there is electrolyte disorder.


1、 The importance of electrolyte testing


The importance of electrolyte testing lies in its ability to reveal whether the body's electrolytes are in a balanced state. Only when the electrolyte concentration is maintained within a normal range can the body's metabolic process proceed smoothly. When electrolyte disorders occur, patients may experience severe symptoms such as poisoning, convulsions, and coma. Therefore, electrolyte testing is a guarantee for early diagnosis and treatment of patients.


2、 Electrolyte detection and blood sampling additives


When conducting electrolyte testing, selecting an appropriate test tube for blood collection is crucial. Generally, substances such as anticoagulants, coagulants, or separators are added to the blood collection tube, and the items applicable to different test tubes with these additives also vary. However, electrolyte tubes typically contain heparin lithium anticoagulants, which can prevent blood clotting and ensure the stability of the blood sample.


3、 The anticoagulant mechanism of heparin lithium


Early electrolyte testing may use heparin sodium as an anticoagulant, but with the development of technology, heparin lithium has replaced the application of heparin sodium in this field. The reason for this change is the advantage of heparin lithium in anticoagulation. It can inactivate thrombin by activating antithrombin III, without interfering with electrolyte measurements such as potassium ions, sodium ions, and chloride ions, thus ensuring the accuracy of experimental results. In addition, heparin lithium can also prevent platelet aggregation, further enhancing its anticoagulant effect, making it an ideal anticoagulant for electrolyte detection.


In electrolyte testing, selecting the appropriate test tube is crucial. As an excellent anticoagulant, heparin lithium has significant advantages in electrolyte testing. It not only helps medical staff improve efficiency, but also ensures patient testing results, enabling them to receive timely treatment.


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