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Company News About porcine-derived heparin sodium

porcine-derived heparin sodium

porcine-derived heparin sodium

Heparin Sodium is a commonly used anticoagulant widely used in clinical medicine and laboratory research. It can not only be prepared into drugs to prevent the formation of blood clots, but also effectively inhibit blood coagulation in blood collection vessels. Blood samples treated with anticoagulation are suitable for various biochemical items. However, in addition to synthetic heparin sodium, there is also a natural source of heparin sodium, which is extracted from pigs. This article will introduce the characteristics and preparation process of heparin sodium extracted from pigs.




The heparin sodium extracted from pigs is extracted from the intestinal mucosa of pigs. Compared with synthetic heparin sodium, it has the characteristics of naturalness and diversity. In the early stage, heparin was extracted from animal livers, but it was later discovered to exist in the small intestine of pigs. In addition, China's pig farming industry is developed, and it is naturally obtained from pig intestines, which is a natural source of anticoagulants. This also makes it more popular in certain specific application fields. Diversity indicates that there may be slight structural differences in heparin sodium from different sources, which may lead to different biological activities and bioavailability of heparin sodium extracted from pigs in certain situatio.


Preparation process


The preparation process of heparin sodium extracted from pigs involves multiple steps and techniques to ensure the production of high-purity heparin sodium products. The approximate steps are as follows:


1. Raw material processing: Firstly, extract the precursor substance of heparin sodium from fresh small intestine. After careful cleaning of the small intestine, the mucosa is scraped off and crushed into fragments, preparing for the subsequent steps.


2. Heating enzymatic hydrolysis: The chymosis mucosa is placed in a heating tank, with an appropriate amount of water added, followed by approximately 8% trypsin. Next, by gradually adding a weak alkaline solution, the pH of the solution is maintained between 8 and 10. The temperature gradually increases, first heating to 30-40 ℃, holding at this temperature for 2-3 hours, then heating to 50-60 ℃, holding for 10-20 minutes. The entire process requires maintaining the pH of the solution between 8.5 and 9.5.


3. Cooling adsorption: The solution after enzymatic hydrolysis is cooled to 30-40 ℃ and the surface oil is removed. Then, add the resin to the solution and stir for 6-7 hours to achieve the adsorption of heparin sodium. After adsorption, the resin is filtered out, carrying heparin sodium.


4. Elution: By adding a 10% mass fraction of sodium chloride solution, the adsorbents on the resin are eluted. This process is carried out at 50-55 ℃ and stirred continuously for 3-4 hours to ensure complete elution of heparin sodium from the resin. This step was repeated twice, and the two eluents were merged.


5. Sedimentation: The combined eluent is filtered and transferred to the sedimentation tank. Adjust the pH of the solution to 7-8 while adding 80-85% alcohol. Next, the solution is sealed for 10-12 hours to promote the formation of heparin sodium precipitate, which is then filtered out.


6. Dehydration and drying: The filtered sediment is placed in a drying oven for dehydration and drying. After this step, a high-purity pig extracted heparin sodium product was ultimately obtained.


Through the above preparation process, heparin sodium extracted from pigs was successfully prepared, and each step in this process requires strict control of conditions to ensure the final product quality. As a manufacturer of heparin sodium, Desheng can provide high content raw material powder, which is convenient and simple to use. When added to blood vessels for in vitro anticoagulation, its performance is stable. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at any time!