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Company News About Principle and operating points of serum separator gel tube

Principle and operating points of serum separator gel tube

Principle and operating points of serum separator gel tube

Principle and operating points of serum separator gel tube


    In the early stages, most hospitals would wait for the blood to naturally coagulate after blood collection, and then undergo centrifugation. This process not only took a long time, but also affected the functionality of various analytical instruments. In order to rapidly promote the development of detection technology and effectively improve efficiency, blood sampling additives have gradually emerged, such as separation gel, coagulant, anticoagulant, etc. Among them, the use of serum separation gel tube has become an indispensable product in the clinical laboratory. As an important guarantee for the quality of routine blood collection, it not only reduces the difference of detection results, but also effectively avoids various blood cross infections, and prepares high-quality serum samples. Here we will analyze the serum separation gel tube.


    1、 Principle of separating serum and blood clot by serum separating gel


    As a hydrophobic organic compound, its appearance is a viscous colloid with thixotropic properties. Because its structure contains hydrogen bonds, it can form a network structure through association, and then the network structure is destroyed under the action of centrifugal force. After the centrifugal force disappears, it returns to the original colloidal appearance due to thixotropy. Generally, the specific gravity of the separated gel is about 1.045, while the specific gravity of the serum is 1.02, and the blood clot is 1.08. When the blood sample is collected by using the separated gel tube, it will quickly turn over under the action of centrifugal force, forming three parts of serum, separated gel, and blood clot in the tube, so that medical personnel can achieve the purpose of serum extraction or detection from the original tube.


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serum separator gel tube


    2、 Gel procoagulant tube for serum separation


    The separating gel tube contains not only separating gel, but also accelerating agent, which is also added in clinic to quickly separate and promote blood coagulation. After processing, it is sprayed into the separating gel tube. Due to the fact that blood can only be centrifuged on the machine after complete coagulation, the use of coagulants can accelerate the blood coagulation time and ensure the stability of blood coagulation, without causing fibrin to be mixed in the isolation layer.


   3、 Key points of operation of gel tube for serum separation


    1. During the process of centrifugation on the machine, attention should be paid to the control of speed and time. Generally, centrifugation at 3000r/min for about 5 minutes is sufficient.


    2. After collecting blood samples with gel tube, slowly rotate the test tube for about 5 times as soon as possible, place the blood sample for about half an hour, and then separate it after the blood is completely coagulated.


    3. Blood separation or serum testing can be achieved on the original tube without transfer. If transfer is required, attention should be paid to using sterile matching test cups for examination.


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