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Chinese Serum Separation Gel Manufacturer/Supplier

Product Details

Place of Origin: HUBEI, CHINA

Brand Name: Desheng

Certification: ISO9001

Model Number: Separating Gel

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 20KG

Price: Consult the latest quotation

Packaging Details: 25kg/drum

Delivery Time: 5 days

Payment Terms: Western Union, L/C, T/T

Supply Ability: 100t/month

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Chinese Serum Separation Gel


ISO9001 Serum Separation Gel

Chinese Serum Separation Gel Manufacturer/Supplier

Chinese Serum Separation Gel Manufacturer/Supplier

The full name of serum separation gel is anti-radiation separation gel, which is mainly developed and produced by Desheng Biochemical, and can be used in disposable vacuum blood collection tubes or PRP tubes. High-quality serum and blood samples are one of the important basic materials for front-end blood processing; the latter PRP tube uses the precise specific gravity of serum separation gel to extract rich platelets, and then injects them into the required parts of the human body, so as to achieve cosmetic repair, regeneration or treatment effect.

Chinese Serum Separation Gel Manufacturer/Supplier 0

The anti-radiation separation glue produced by Desheng Company is divided into two systems: resin and acrylic acid. The appearance of the product is transparent colloid, translucent colloid and opaque colloid. It is suitable for various scenarios, has excellent separation performance, and has radiation resistance. Light, hydrolysis resistance, physiologically inert and so on.

Serum Separation Gel Parameters:


English Name Serum Separating Gel
Assay 99%
Color Milky white, colorless transparent, translucent, opaque
Packing 25kg/drum
Stock Stock are available
Origin Ezhou,Hubei
Delivery Air; sea; Fedex
Application BCT additives


It is worth noting that the separation gel will be affected by the ambient temperature, the viscosity will change, and the temperature will affect the glue adding process. If the ambient temperature of the gel is lower than 15 degrees, it is recommended to heat the separation gel in a water bath to 60-70 degrees Celsius, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the gel addition, and will not cause adverse effects on the performance.

In addition, in the process of using the separation gel, be sure not to directly touch the separation gel with your hands. Due to the high viscosity of the separation gel, it cannot be easily removed by hand scrubbing when it sticks to your hands. You need to use an organic solvent or decontamination powder to effectively remove it. Wear gloves to avoid sticking to your hands.


Hubei New Desheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. has been developing and producing serum separation gel for 17 years. It has rich experience, continuous expansion of the team, and continuous improvement of the production environment. The separation gel currently produced has undergone 4 generations of changes. Stable, hydrophobic material is more inert, suitable for long-term blood preservation, well received by domestic and foreign customers, and has reached long-term cooperative relations with many customers. If you are interested, please visit our website!

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