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Company News About Takes A Minute To Understand Desheng‘s TAPS Buffer

Takes A Minute To Understand Desheng‘s TAPS Buffer

Takes A Minute To Understand Desheng‘s TAPS Buffer

In recent years, Good's buffer has been applied in more and more fields, and TAPS, as one of Good's buffer products, has gradually been paid attention to. TAPS is soluble in water to a zwitterionic buffer, with a pH buffer range of 7.7-9.1, and is often used in biochemistry and molecular biology.


Specific applications of TAPS

TAPS can be used as a buffer component for DNA and RNA samples, and can protect oxyhemoglobin from reacting to methemoglobin in a freeze-dried environment. In addition, it can be used as a background electrolyte for micro-analysis of proteins in the field of capillary analysis, and can be used as an important pH stabilizer for biochemical diagnostic kits.


How to use TAPS

The TAPS buffer produced by Desheng is in powder form,packed in barrels with a large large quantities.Then how to use it? First, according to your own needs, take out an appropriate amount of TAPS powder and dissolve it with deionized water. Be careful not to add too much water during the dissolution process, and ensure complete dissolution, and then continue to add water to make up the volume. Pay attention to the temperature when the volume is fixed. The temperature changes too much due to exothermic or endothermic dissolving, and the volume should be fixed when the temperature is close to room temperature. After configuration, seal the cap of the volumetric flask, which can be kept for future use. Mark the TAPS solution, as well as the concentration configuration, date and other information.


What are the advantages of Desheng's TAPS

Desheng has been specializing in the development and production of in vitro diagnostic reagent raw materials for 17 years. As a veteran manufacturer, the TAPS buffer produced has a purity of 99% and stable performance. In addition, the company has specially set up a quality inspection department, and the various indicators of TAPS have reached the qualified standards, which can be used in experimental inspections with confidence and will not interfere with the inspection results.


At present, Desheng has a sufficient supply of biological buffers, no matter how big your needs are, the company can meet you, and can quickly prepare enough supply for you, package and send it out. In addition, the TAPS we produce is packed in powder, which is safer and more convenient to transport. Unlike the ready-to-use solution,which may lead to deformation or leakage, which will affect the experimental process. If you have any demands,click on the official website to consult the details.